I posted a video today in a 90-day challenge that I’m participating in talking about my dentist – yeah.


Why talk about someone that a lot of people dislike and has nothing to do with digital marketing?  It’s because he loves his work.  He’s impassioned about what he does.  I’ve been going to him for 12 years and every time I meet with him he has a smile on his face.  At times, during particularly long procedures, he’ll even start singing!  It means that he’s really in his element (the zone, the vortex) and enjoying what he’s doing.  The result is that he puts his patients at ease and takes away any fear they may have.  He creates a safe zone for them  and a happy environment for everyone around him.  Very few professionals work in that kind of space.  Most are trading their happiness and comfort for jobs that merely provide a paycheck.

When you’re in your element and doing something you love, it isn’t work.  When I first started my online journey I wasn’t enjoying my business. There were dozens of tasks that I was unfamiliar with, thought I had to learn quickly and implement right away.  Unknowingly I thought this was the way to grow my business.  I took too much upon myself. The result was that I was getting discouraged, exhausted and frustrated.

It took me a while to understand that I don’t have to tackle everything on my own.  I learned how other successful entrepreneurs grow their businesses.  If there’s an area where they’re struggling, don’t have the time or hate to do, they sub-contract that task.  I’ve since hired members within my online community who are skilled in areas where I need help.  I’ve also used outside resources like Fiverr, an online freelance service that is quite affordable.  There are many freelance sites for all kinds of tasks such as website design, SEO, copy writing, blogging, ad creation, you name it.

Because I own my own business I can run it the way I want.  I enjoy blogging, creating videos and ads.  I also enjoy Analytics but areas like website design and SEO maximization try my patience. I’ve outsourced these services and it has freed up my time to do other tasks I enjoy more.  If I were working for an employer I wouldn’t have the luxury of dismissing my work or passing it on to someone else.  That’s the benefit of being an entrepreneur!  I can focus on the areas that I love and my business never feels like work!

So let me ask you this.  Are you in your element?  Whatever you’re doing now, does it give you the luxury of being selective about your work? Do you love what you’re doing?  Does it bring out the best in you and those around you?  If it’s time for a change, start here.


Photo by Taylor Grote on Unsplash

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