I had the opportunity to help a stranger this morning. While I believe that charity begins at home, I felt an instant and great desire to reach out across the globe to help a young man, which for the sake of this writing I will call Adam. What struck a chord within me was his courage to ask for help from the global community, in light of the fact that he lives in a country that filters media, is socially oppressive and is politically unstable. He focused on finding an answer and when you’re driven by a calling, as he was, you’re as close to success as what you focus on.


Focus on a solution


I imagine, because of where he lives, he couldn’t turn to friends and family for help. He could have done nothing. He could have carried his problem alone or pointed a finger. He could have chosen to live in pain. He could have gone into seclusion. He could have taken his life. Instead, he chose to take charge of his destiny and, in response, received a tidal wave of help from complete strangers.


Solutions lie in the unknown not in what we already know. For Adam, success came he left his comfort zone, despite the possible repercussions. Familiarity keeps us from growing. It breeds stagnation and makes us fearful of new ideas.


I’m a problem solver. When I need solutions, feel frustrated, or I’m stuck, I pack my bags knowing that answers lie in uncharted paths. Success is as close as what you focus on.



Kindness doesn’t cost anything


We live in a great moment in time. More than ever, we’re aware of our scientific and spiritual connection to each other.   As all matter is energy and energy is indestructible, we live eternally.


As beings of energy, we influence others, create our reality and attract things through the frequencies and vibrations that we emit – in the words that we use, the speech that we engage in and the thoughts that we have. Like radio waves carried through time, what we say and how we say it, remains in the ether forever – a good reminder to be more cautious with my speech…


We’re the only species on earth that can communicate verbally, in writing, emotionally, telepathically and through time. So why not use this special gift on social media to show kindness, raise others up and bring value to the world?  When we focus on giving, we receive.


You may be helping others


This morning was a good reminder that it takes very little to help someone in need. It didn’t cost anything to respond to Adam’s plea and I wonder how many readers facing the same problem were helped by the countless replies that were offered.


We’re all natural born leaders and we all have the capacity to influence on some level but some people have fallen prey to criticism or judgment and forgotten. Your actions cause a ripple effect. Someone is watching and modeling what you do. What kind of leader do you want to be?


Epic leaders come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Their backgrounds are as diverse as their ideas to create a better world. Great influencers are not afraid to step out into the unknown. They’re not concerned with editorials, commentaries or feedback. They don’t waste time tweeting for praise. They’re not posting to gain followers. Genuine leaders are on a mission. They put on blinders and forge ahead to provide value to others, the way dozens of people did to help Adam.  Leaders are united by their focus.


So, how are you helping yourself, those around you and people who depend on you? What are you focusing on to achieve the success you want? If you’re unclear, don’t know how or need help, consider joining a community of supportive thought leaders and influencers. You’re as close to success as what you focus on. Take a look at how we’re doing it.


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