If your current marketing campaign hasn’t been yielding the results you were hoping for, you’re probably lacking some critical components.   Here are some helpful tips.  My mentors apply these approaches consistently and, as a result, are some of the most successful digital marketers in our industry.




Your aim should always be to help people find an answer to a problem.  Offer value continuously.   Until people get to know you and understand that you’re there to help, you’re unlikely to sell anything.  You might as well put your marketing dollars to better use.  Keep providing value over and over.  Eventually, after you’ve formed a relationship, they’ll trust you to where you can ask for the sale.  With great tools like AWeber the follow-through is easy and automated.


Building a relationship is essential.  Have you ever walked into a store only to be attacked by a salesperson?  Most customers, like me, would walk out without making a purchase.  It’s no different on the Internet.  A buyer will leave your site if you’re too aggressive.  Never ask for a purchase on your landing page!


The other reason for offering helpful information repeatedly is that, after a while, you become the voice of expertise in their minds. Not only is that person likely to buy but they will also probably refer you to someone else. This is how you start building up a great list.




If your campaign is failing, it could be that you’re trying to cast too wide a net.  In digital marketing, this could ruin you.  Don’t try to do blasting campaigns. Many new marketers buy expensive lists hoping for quick sales only to find that it was a poor investment because most addresses are no longer valid.  I read somewhere that the return is less than .05%.   If you’re serious about growing your business, stay clear of these short cuts.  The best way to get a list is to build it yourself.


Your campaign should speak directly to a very well defined purchaser.  If you’re offering the latest version of Pokémon, what are you doing advertising on a site targeting an older segment of baby boomers?




When I was coaching new hires in real estate I explained to them that during a listing presentation the first thing a homeowner would ask is, how different are you from everyone else?  All companies basically offer the same products and services such as colorful brochures, advertising, floor plans, videography, open houses, etc.  But there was always one thing that none of the competitors could offer the homeowner and that is the individual agent.


It is the same online.  So, why should a buyer give you their business?  Here’s your moment to shine.  Highlight your qualities that will serve this person well.  Focus on specifics that tie in with the product or service you’re offering.  Hopefully you’ve done your research and identified your target audience very clearly.  In this way your marketing campaign has a human feel and personal touch.  Afterall, people want to deal with other people and not machines.  Your attributes and the way you position yourself will eventually get you the sale.




If your marketing efforts are going to payoff in this noise-filled, saturated digital marketplace, it’s critical to stand out from the crowd.  Differentiating yourself from the competition is one of the most important ways of doing that.


Somewhere in your campaign, you highlight your qualifications and expertise.  Use your titles and qualifications.  One good place to do this is under your name or on the side of the page, or through a link.   But don’t clutter the page.


The second step is to get people to take action.  That is the purpose of your campaign.  There are too many blast approaches out there trying to get you to buy something the instant you land on that page. This creates a sense of mistrust and it’s not the best way to find leads that eventually turn to ready, willing and able buyers.   Try something innovative, perhaps something that reflects your personality.


I found SFM/DEA through one of their videos.  It captivated me because it was fun, enthusiastic, colorful and “out there.”  Not many people have the confidence nor success track record to use a video showing them on a surfboard.  Remember, just because the majority of people do things a certain way, it doesn’t mean that it’s the only way. I find that in marketing the most successful way is the unique way.  Look at Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins, their methods work because they have branded themselves through innovative approaches.




There’s nothing more contagious than someone’s enthusiasm.  Your campaign should reflect the benefits of your service or product through its content.  Choose your words wisely.  There is power in words.  Invest in the diction and vocabulary you’re using.


One of the ways my mentors are successfully capturing business is through the videos they share.  This could include something like their impressions of a seminar they just attended or an insight that they have gained.


Another powerful way to express the benefits of what you’re marketing is through testimonials.  The candid ones seem more successful in attracting an audience and in keeping their attention.  Be creative.





I colleague of mine decided to try a new market. When his marketing campaign in the U.S. was unsuccessful, he decided to advertise overseas but only after researching his new audience well.  His list has grown dramatically in a short period of time.





Lastly, don’t be afraid to fail.  There is no magic template for a successful marketing campaign.  Just as the Internet changes every day, so do consumption patterns.   This is where tracking is critical.  The only way to know if a campaign is successful is to know where the traffic is coming from.  Take marketing dollars away from a campaign that is not working and scale up the one that is.


Digital marketing is a trial and error exercise until you find the venue that works best. The marketers that are succeeding are serial trackers and re-invest in what is working.  I would suggest that the best investment you can make in your business initially is in a good tracking system.


Here’s wishing you success in all your undertakings.



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