Words matter.

Words matter.

Words matter.

Are you wondering why I’m repeating myself?  It’s because WORDS MATTER.  Let me explain.

Which of the two words do you think is most important?  Careful, it’s a trick question.  Actually, they both have equal weight.


The verbal, written or internal speech or dialogue we use to express thoughts and ideas


I’m referring to the noun, not the verb, and the scientific definition.  Matter is an energy that is “physical” in substance.


The Law of Attraction states that you bring about what you think about.  It helps to understand why WORDS MATTER.  The law explains that through our inner dialogue or external speech (the words we use), we create and bring about our reality.  In essence, we create or materialize our experience of the world by the words we choose. So let me ask you, what words are you using?

Recently, I’ve heard a lot of people speaking negatively about the state of our nation, our politics and the economy and I’m wondering why not focus instead on the wonderful nation that we live in that guarantees us freedoms, on the economy that allows us to work the jobs we want, have the careers we dream about, be lazy if we wish. If we want to manifest our dream lives, why not put the energy into that creation and leave politics to the politicians?


Words turn into matter. The words we use become the physical reality (matter) that we experience. Perhaps it’s time that as a collective, humanity starts employing more positive words like harmony, peace, love, joy, abundance, wisdom, success, health, wellness and the like so we can begin manifesting more of the paradise that we’re meant to be in.

Growing up, did someone ever tell you not to call other people names?  That’s because words have energy.  We now know that everything in the Universe is made up of vibration.  That vibrating energy can be used to heal or to hurt.  Remember Einstein’s formula:  E= mc2?  Energy is made up of mass and speed of light.  Throw out a hurtful word with enough speed and energy at someone and what happens?  You cause pain.  Did anyone ever call you an awful name?  What did you feel?

Consider the following story.  There are countless like this one but this account seems to be one of the more popular ones.  Whether the claim that Thomas Edison’s mother was given a letter by her son’s teacher informing her that the school had expelled him for mental deficiencies is true or not, the fact is that Edison turned out to be one of the greatest inventors in history.  His mother never read to him the actual letter, and instead told him that it said the school did not have skilled teachers to educate such a gifted child.

Words are powerful.  They hurt emotionally as well as physically. All the more reason to remember that the words that we engrain into our brain, are what we manifest in our lives and why we are where we are in life. Tell a child long enough that he or she is smart and watch them succeed. It’s never too late to change.

I took a challenge some time ago.  For a period of about a month, I had to catch myself any time I used a negative word and immediately turn it around.  Something like, “I can’t do this,” turned into “I’m going to learn a lot from this.”  “I’m so silly,” to something like “That was fun, now let me try it again.”  Catch my drift?  I did this long enough that now its natural for me to use strong, productive and fruitful words. If you want to bring about the best that life has to offer, select very carefully the words you choose in your internal and external dialogues. Words matter.

Which brings me to the reason for writing this.  What is keeping you from achieving your dream lifestyle?  What words are you telling yourself?  Do you ever negative self-talk?  We all do, but we don’t all catch ourselves in time before we hurt ourselves.

Do you see boulders in the way?  Then, perhaps it’s time to turn those boulders into clouds that you can breeze through by changing the words you use.  What kind of life do you envision? What words are you using to get there?  How do you need to change your dialogue to achieve your lifestyle by your own design?

It makes me sad to hear people say things like, “I was destined for a life of struggle.”  NO! There is no such thing.  There’s adversity which is one way to grow.  You are the creator of your destiny.  You design the journey that you’ll have on this earth.

Change your perception of the world by changing the words you’re engaging.  Start saying to yourself: “If anyone can, I can.”  “I’m on my way to the dream life I want.” “I’ve already been successful at so many things, I’ll be successful at this as well.”  “I can design a career that gives me the resources I need and the freedom I want.”

If it’s hard to do it on your own, seek masters of self-improvement.  Surround yourself around positive speakers and thinkers.  Find a supportive community that will help you to grow and be your best. Say goodbye to friendships and ties that hold you down or to those who constantly use words that don’t serve anyone well.

Make this the year when you start using a new vocabulary to achieve the dream lifestyle and career you’ve been yearning for.  Start using your words wisely, because words matter.

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