Where do you envision yourself in 5, 10, 20 years from now? Is every day a replica of the previous one with no thought about the future? I doubt it. Humans are evolutionary beings. Once we achieve something, we want something else. We’re always growing because we’re a part of an ever-expanding Universe. Look back at where you were just five years ago. Now, look forward. What does your life look like a few years from now? What’s in your plan of action moving forward? If it’s going to be…


It’s up to me. What do you have left to accomplish? What is your vision? No one else lives in your body and no one else has the same dream that you do. If it’s going to be, you will need to make it happen.

For the longest time Louise Hay, one of the original founders of the self-help movement had a dream of being a positive influencer. In her younger years she had been riddled with struggle and adversity and she used these experiences as a way to help others.

Louise spent her adulthood writing books, counseling, in ministry, doing speaking engagements, interviews and television appearances. At the age of 60 she founded Hay House, Inc. Today it is one of the largest publishing houses in the world focusing on personal development. In dis-attaching herself from the negative labels of her personal experiences she has changed many lives for the better.

We all have the power to transform ourselves into anyone we choose. All too often, however, we create roadblocks that limit our possibilities for growth and positive change. We listen to others who tell us things like the subject is off-limits, we’re not experienced enough or that we’re going to fail. This is how fear and doubt get in the way to preclude us from having a wonderful life.

The best way to pave the way to your future is to listen to your heart and follow your intuition. At times, we’re our own worst enemy. Garth Brooks said it best, “The greatest conflicts are not between two people but between one person and himself.” If you want to be in a better place in a few years’ time, take a position and go for it. Don’t second-guess your decision and don’t look back.


When you know where you’re going and have a vision of what you want, then you can get on the right road. Your plan is the road map. Create your plan.

What steps are you taking today to have a different and better life tomorrow? It’s helpful to mastermind with gurus who are where you want to be. Assimilate what they have to say. Sleep on it. Others may have a different approach you may not have considered.

Emulating masters and following their powerful training help you to break through stale models of thinking. Duplicating what winners do will serve you well. When you get new insights, it’s a sign that you’re assimilating new thoughts and you’re on your way to creating a new life for yourself. Life becomes exhilarating.

Robert Kiyosaki, has built a financial empire based on reprogramming the way we think to build the life we want.


The road to your 5, 10, 20 year plan will not be a straight one. The journey will take you on different diversions along the way. That’s life. If it were a short, easy and straight, there wouldn’t be much of a foundation to build on.

We build our lives and stories by sharing our experiences. At times it may require opening ourselves like books, like Louise Hay. We may need to make ourselves vulnerable. Instead of saying I can’t do this, we should say how can I do this?


When you can live without fear of judgment or retribution we are truly free. In the book I wrote, Agapanthus Rising, I share a moment that I had with my mother months before she died. She revealed that I was conceived in an unwanted union.

She blamed this heinous act for her life-long unhappiness. Whether she was afraid of rejection, criticism, fear, shame, whatever it was, it turned her into an angry person and kept her from living an ideal life.  But she did have a choice which, for whatever reason, she did not take.  That is, leaving behind the past and moving forward to a new future.

Where do you see yourself ten years from now? Let no one or nothing get in the way of your dream. Design your life, create it, build it and start living it now.

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

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