I’ve always felt called to empower others to succeed and, without a doubt, this is my mission in life.


One way that I’ve done this is through volunteering.  For several years, I led teams abroad to teach in underserved communities.  As a real estate manager, I taught new agents how to start and grow their businesses.  I was a Sunday school teacher and led adult classes at our local church.  I wrote Agapanthus Rising, an instructional book, which communicates the importance of service.  I think it’s fair to say that I’m versed on the subject of teaching.


So it came to me as a surprise that, despite my years of business experience, as a digital marketer I had to become a student again.  I’m not the exception.  Edification is a prerequisite in our business.  Online marketers are ongoing learners.  We have to stay current because, like commodities and financial markets, the consumer market can change very quickly.


One of the biggest responsibilities a marketer has is to track and analyze consumer behavior.  If a marketing campaign isn’t working, it’s necessary to learn why.  If you want a profitable business, learn how to interpret the data you’re getting from your advertising.  Understanding consumer patterns will help you choose a better strategy.


More importantly, if you’re service oriented like me, in order to serve your market well do what the top producers do.  Learn from the best.  I love that as a partner with SFM/DEA I have the ability to earn as I learn from the masters while I provide value to people.  My mentors are industry leaders and teach by example.  They’ve created dream lifestyles for themselves and teach others how to do the same.


I would suggest that if you’re considering digital marketing as a career, become a student again.  Do your research.  Ask a lot of questions.  Be sure that support and education is readily available wherever you go.  Entrepreneurship can be a lonely walk and it’s always helpful to have a supportive community that you can access for guidance.


Keep in mind that just as consumer behavior changes constantly so do business tools and platforms.  Partner with a company that keeps their systems current so you can focus on building your list and converting leads.  One of the best tools for learning, as you grow your business, are live webinars hosted by industry leaders or the top performers in the company.  There’s no substitution for real time instruction.  If you’re going to provide the highest level of service, it’s essential to know the latest trends, get new ideas from others and learn about new platforms.


Speaking of trends, consider that today’s buyer wants instant gratification and this is why mobile devices are so popular for shopping. They provide an instant means of consumption and it’s easy to buy with the swipe of a finger.  This also makes it easy to overspend.  Over-consumption is one of the reasons that digital marketing is growing at such an incredibly fast rate and a smart career choice.


If you love gobbling up new information and learning new skill sets, then this is the perfect profession for you.  The best lesson that I can teach you is, if you want to be successful in this industry become a student.  Empower yourself with knowledge.  The greatest value that you can provide to others and the best investment that you can make in your business is your education.  Stay informed, keep current and participate in as many instructional venues as you can.  But don’t forego activity for education.  As soon as you’re able, put to use what you’ve learned.   You’ll be more in tune with your market’s needs and a much better service provider.



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