One of the greatest challenges facing the business world today is the lack of response from people when we’re trying to reach them.  A lot of today’s professionals have erroneously concluded that messaging or texting is the only way to communicate.  While that may be the fastest way, it’s not the best way to grow lasting bonds.  If you want to build great relationships, try this:


To build better rapport, call someone.  Texting and messaging has made us forget how to convey our thoughts clearly and with feeling.  They’re not the most effective way to have a meaningful conversation.  I’m sure you’ve had the experience of receiving an email whose tone was disheartening, rude or aggressive even though the person writing it didn’t have those intentions.  To avoid this, pick up the phone every-so-often and hold a two way open conversation.


When I can look at someone in the eyes, I can “read” what they’re thinking or feeling.  Why is this important?  Because then I can address their needs better.  Instead of shooting off a text, try Face Time, Skype, Hangouts,, WhatsApp or whatever platform you prefer so long as you can see the person at the other end.  It does magic for building relationships.  It allows you to read body language and you can respond more effectively.
If you only know someone from their voice on the phone or a written it’s nearly impossible to get to know who they are.


One of the best ways to make friends and influence people is to spend personal time with them.  When you’re in proximity to someone you can feel their energy and vibrations.  It makes it possible to discern if what they’re saying matches the vibrations they’re emitting.  It puts you in a place of better understanding.  This does more for building long lasting relationships than any email, text or voicemail.
When was the last time you invited a client or lead out for a drink, coffee or meal?  You may have a lot more in common than you imagined.


I recently had an inquiry from someone who saw one of my You Tube video ads.  He wasn’t ready to subscribe.  Instead, he emailed wanting to learn more about online businesses.  I could have shot off a one liner, automated response or sent him to a landing page.  Instead, I took the time to answer thoroughly.  Guess what?  He became a subscriber.
True masters give their best in all that they do without expecting anything in return. Be the example others want to follow. It’s important to remember that there’s a human being at the other end of an email or text — someone who may be experiencing challenges or fears.  If we’re serious about being service-oriented, we need to place our humanity above everything else, even in the digital world.  Go the extra mile, be service-full.


The Law of Attraction is flawless.  What we put out, we get back.
Don’t put profit ahead of service. When we offer great value up front, eventually people jump on the train with you!  This is attraction marketing.  Your sincerity, valuable information and enthusiasm will do the selling. Offer value without expecting anything in return.


Remember that we’re creators of our lives through the thoughts we have.  So why not think positively and with a results-oriented approach?
Keep your dialog light-hearted.  Be an inspirer.  Offer solutions.  If there’s no solution (yet), remind the person you’re speaking with, why worry?  If there’s a solution, then why worry?
Take time out of the equation and everything is possible!  Life is about the experiences along the journey, not about reaching a destination.  The jewels are found along the way.


One of the things I struggled with early in my online business was sharing some of the setbacks I had along the way because I was afraid that people may not see me as an “expert.”  I was sticking to a model of marketing that says you have to look flawless.  That doesn’t work because we’re all put off by inauthenticity.
People can relate better to me knowing that I had difficulties along the way and that I’ve overcome them by reaching out to others for help.
I believe in being transparent.  If I don’t know the answer, I will let people know that “I will find out for you.”  One thing is certain, I couldn’t have succeeded alone.  I have a global network of positive, solution-driven friends who have helped me along the way and who were great models for me to follow.
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