Until recently, I didn’t understand the meaning of the saying, “the value is in showing up.” In a previous blog, I shared how much of an impression a teacher had made on my son’s life. He was there every morning to greet each student at the front entrance of the school. When his teacher died unexpectedly, my son got a tattoo in his honor. That was the moment that I realized the meaning of the saying. Unless we’re present, unless we show up we can’t be of value to anyone. It’s in the getting involved, in the taking action and in the showing up that we have an effect on ourselves and on others.


When we participate in a gathering, a conversation or a meeting we bring value to those around us. Sometimes, we take our knowledge for granted because we assume that others know what we do. It’s a natural conclusion as we’re self-centered beings. By sharing our perspectives we open up people’s minds and create change for the better. Think of people like Martin Luther King, Jr. andMahatma Gandhi. Change and improvement happens when we help others see things in a new light. MLK said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness.”

Someone can always glean valuable information when we share our views, our lives and our stories. It’s one of the reasons I sometimes review the marketing blueprint workshop with Six Figure Mentors. Every participant brings new ideas, new thoughts and new energy to the rest of the group.

Each of us is unique. There’s no other person like you or me. Think about that. When something is unique, like a diamond, it’s priceless because there are no two alike.

Showing up means you influence

By offering your perspective, you may give someone a clue as to how to solve a problem. Sometimes we retreat with our ideas. The benefit of collaborating is that both parties help each other to think out of the box. We develop through the exchange of new viewpoints.

When I first started public speaking, I was convinced that the audience could hear my knees knocking. Once I got over the feeling of vulnerability, I was able to lead, teach and publish a book. If I hadn’t taken action, if I hadn’t “shown up” it would not be in publication today and in demand by publishers overseas. Someone saw the value in what I had to say.

We teach by example

It’s important to let people know, “I’ve been there, it’s going to be okay.” Sharing our struggles with others lets them know that they’re not alone on their journey. It tells them that others have been where they are. Never waste an opportunity to lead by example. It could make the difference ofsaving a life.

Our presence may give someone hope when they need it most. Think of a time when you were feeling down and a friend called to offer you soothing words. How did it make you feel? We all need cheerleaders at one point or another because life is not problem-free. This is especially true in business. Having a community to turn to when we’re struggling gives us the strength to get us through.

How do you respond when someone approaches you with a problem? Do you know that it’s okay not to have all the answers? Your presence could be the best of all medicines. Sometimes the best thing that we can do is to simply listen. Giving someone your time lets him or her know that they matter. Everyone craves value.

Today, by way of online businesses, we can offer value to others instantly around the world. Face Time, Skype, Snapchat, Whats App, Zoom, Go to Meeting and countless apps have made it easier, faster and cheaper. There is hardly a good reason for not engaging or showing up to help.

Showing up means we can share our expertise

Whether it’s self-improvement, yoga, meditation, professional or personal development, when I’m connected online to others, I can offer value globally. This was not possible twenty years ago. Instant syndication was also non-existent. Imagine the power that we have today by sharing our expertise with the rest of the world.

I was in Peru with a volunteer group in 2006 teaching school children how to read and write. Each day more and more students came to learn, some walked for miles without shoes to reach us. At the end of our stay the entire community gathered to thank our team for our contributions. Our short time together was priceless for the givers and the receivers as we exchanged different skills. When “I show up,” it feels like I receive far more than I gave.

Your presence is valuable to someone

Taking the time to be there for someone is always valuable. When I was serving as a volunteer in Rwanda, this was evident. Our team visited several communities in the capital of Kigali. We visited child-headed households and projects assisting HIV victims. Without exception, every community that we met with expressed immense gratitude for our presence. Our being there meant they were important and worth traveling across the globe. Our presence said they matter. What greater gift can we give than of ourselves?

Being present makes me think about people and their jobs. Have you ever noticed that some people show up to work but they’re not there? That’s because their hearts are not engaged in what they’re doing. Showing up for your responsibilities wholeheartedly is the difference between a company growing or failing.

Your full presence at home is the greatest gift that you can give yourself and your family. Spending time with loved ones helps us to feel connected, to feel valued.

Showing up gives you renewed energy

It’s exciting and energizing to participate in events that reinforce the value of what we do. As entrepreneurs, the tendency is to work alone for long periods of time. This stunts our intellectual and personal growth. When we gather in groups in person or remotely, there’s an exchange of energy that recharges us and gives us momentum to propel forward.

When you show up to your business or workplace you’re offering your energy. So make it productive, make it fun, make it valuable.

It’s important to check yourself every so often to see where your energy levels are and assess what needs to be change.If you’re unenthusiastic about your work, some ways to recharge are to attend seminars, sign up for challenges or volunteer for a new project. Better yet, take some quiet time to determine if you’re on the right track or if you need to make a change. Showing up is not just about being there for other people. You need to be there for yourself as well.

Showing up means you learn something new

Do you remember the last time you signed up for a class or workshop?  Did you show up? Every time we attend an informational meeting, whether or not you have been there before, you gain a new nugget of information. We’re not always ready to receive new insight. We have to be in a receptive mode. Our moods are affected by all kinds of things and if you’re not tuned in to the same frequency, you may miss a valuable piece of information. The time has to be right. What was not on your radar yesterday may be a flickering light today.

So let me ask you, are you ready for something new in your life? Have you been thinking that you want to have more meaning and more free time?  Are you ready to learn something fun? If you’re not sure, find the time to be alone. In silence the answer will reveal itself. Just take the time, you’ll find value in the showing up.

ROXANA BOWGEN, Digital Marketing Strategist

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