One of the most influential books and films of the 21st century is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. The publication and film came at a point in human history when masses of people are looking for more meaning in their lives and purpose in their work. The Secret is based on the universal Law of Attraction and the idea that thoughts turn to things. While many around the globe are now practicing these ideals, why aren’t they working for everyone? What is the secret to the secret?


Have you ever attended a seminar where you came out completely pumped? Your adrenalin had never been so high and you felt you could conquer the world? How can you hold on to this feeling?

It requires placing yourself in the same mental state you were in at the time of the event. To do this, we must practice what we learned over and over until we gain ‘muscle’ memory. It’s no different than learning new dance steps, lifting weights or learning words to a new song.  It’s all about repetition.

Ongoing practice of a new skill or idea rewires and encrypts our brain.  A belief is simply a thought you have over and over again.


The two greatest deterrents to changing our lives is to put off small things that we can do right now and the thought that we have to know everything before we get started. Not so.

One of my favorite sayings comes from an ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tsu, who says: “the journey of one thousand miles begins with the first step.” Don’t look at the top of the mountain, simply look at the next step in front of you. If you can do a new task each day, when you look back in 30 days, you won’t believe how far you’ve come.

If we knew everything to begin with, what is the point of experiencing life?  We’re here to learn.


… and remain on a high plateau.   Have you ever told yourself, I’ll do it tomorrow? I’ll start next week? I need to buy or do something first?  We all have many demands on our time, but finding excuses to get started is not one of them.  How serious are you about putting The Secret to work and attracting a more purposeful and meaningful life?


In the real life-based movie, Sully, there’s a line that, to me, is the most existential saying I’ve ever heard. It says “You can accomplish anything if you take TIME out of the equation.”

If we eliminate deadlines on our (personal) goals we can move mountains. When we release the stress of achieving something by a certain time, more ideas to come to us and we become better problem solvers.

Using time as a measure for accomplishing something is approaching life from a scarcity point of view because the underlying concept is that time is fleeting.  This kind of thinking will always bring us shortage. Just take action and the Universe will work its own perfect timing.


The Secret emphasizes the importance of visualization and there is plenty of scientific evidence supporting this claim.

There are many ways to visualize:

  • Find a quiet spot where you’ll have no distractions
  • Close your eyes and take several long and deep breaths
  • Clear your mind of any worries or thoughts that don’t serve you
  • Focus on the one thing that you want to realize
  • Give it as much detail in your mind as you can.

For example, if you want a house on the water, see the house. What style is it? See yourself in one of the rooms. Where are you? What is in the room?

  • In your mind, pick up an item in that room and run your hands over it
  • Hear the sounds within the room. Is there pet walking toward you? Is there a bird singing?
  • Smell the aromas and scents you wish to have. I love the scent of musk and oriental spice. What’s your favorite?

Do this as often as you can and let go of time limits. You may surprise yourself at what happens.


One of the best personal development exercises I’ve ever practiced was a one month appreciation rampage. Every morning before doing anything else, I’d write 10 things that I’m grateful for. At the end of 30 days I found myself in a new state of being. I was much happier and I began to see the world from a more positive perspective. I began attracting more business, sleeping better and finding a community of new friends.  But, the greatest value I took away from this exercise is that I understood that we need to have contrast in our lives to know what we want most.

The more thankful we are for people and situations, even when they seem uncomfortable, the more we’ll resonate on a higher frequency and the more we’ll attract the things we want.  We simply need to let go of how or when they will come about and let the Universe do its work.


“What you think about, you bring about.” Bob Proctor etched these words in stone. If we think about shortage, we will always live in scarcity. If we think of abundance, that’s all that we will know.

The challenge lies in changing the story inside our heads. Through our parents, our schools, our community, our religion, our friends and other influences, we were told and held on to erroneous beliefs such as: “money does not grow on trees.” Another false concept that many of us grew up with is that money is evil or that time is money.  Money is always a blessing, especially when we use it wisely.

If we’re to put The Secret to work, we must erase these well meaning but faulty concepts.  Replace your thoughts with prosperity, abundance and success.   This is the only way to rewire our brain.


Our digital and information age has led us to believe that only quantifiable data is reliable. This dependence on other people’s information has taken us away from our inner guiding system known as our intuition.

Children are mostly happy because they’re adept at following their intuition. They can’t explain why or how they did something, they just “know” the way to do it. Have you ever known or felt something before it happened?  We’re all prewired with this capability and we also have the power to make it grow.

The first instinct we have about something, a gut feeling, is usually the right one. It’s what Malcom Gladwell calls The Power of Thinking Without Thinking. Ancient masters called this inner knowledge “gnosis” and they relied on it to accomplish amazing things.

So, what is the secret to the secret?  IMPLEMENT, IMPLEMENT, IMPLEMENT all of the points made here.  The reason some people have no results with The Secret is that they fail to put to work what they learned.  If we are to attract those things we want we must get to work.

Where are you on the implementation scale? What steps are you taking to attract a more passionate and purposeful life?





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