Have you ever had days when you woke up, looked out the window and just wanted to crawl right back into bed?  Today was one of those bleak mornings when I image the thought of going to work, for a lot of people, was dreadful.  It was pouring with rain and I was never so grateful that I didn’t have to go into an office.  Long ago, I decided to quit the commute.  How about you?  Are you fed up with commuter trains, backed up traffic, long delays on the highway and a boss with a less than cheery disposition?  Wondering how to leave all this behind for a happier healthier lifestyle?


There is no better time than the present to change the way you’re living.  If it’s going to be, it’s up to you.  No one else creates your life other than yourself.  Make a decision now that today is the first day of the rest of your fantastic life.

I’m not advocating that you quit your job and drop everything instantly.  Go slowly. Research your options.  If you’re thinking about entrepreneurship, consider a business, like digital marketing, that will be on the rise along with market demand.

I think one of the reasons a lot of people hesitate to make drastic changes in their lives is because they were raised with a one-track mind.  That was okay for baby boomers back then when they had little choice but, today, with e-commerce on the rise the idea of being tethered to an office or a desk is ancient.

With everything available on line from training to operating business systems, it seems like an online business is the wise choice is to consider.


Consider putting to work all the skills that you have and love to use.  What are you good at?  Are you a good communicator?  Perhaps doing something in the area of self-development is the answer.  If you’re good at numbers, you can incorporate these analytical skills as you’re list building online.  Are you a great salesperson?  Then marketing should be a breeze, but not the old fashioned way. Today the way to expose any idea or product is through online commerce.

If you’re good at computers and technology, you may enjoy designing and creating a website.  If your background is investments, invest in yourself.  Reference and education seem to be consistent industries and there’s always a demand.  If you’re more like me and travel and leisure appeals best then incorporate that into your business venture.

Any online business idea today is possible with the tools available that weren’t around just a decade ago.  We live is a great time, if only we cease the opportunities.


Are you the best that you can be in all aspects of your physical, mental and spiritual life?  It’s time to weigh your current work situation with how you’re taking care of your whole self.  If the work you’re currently doing keeps you from being in peak condition in all three areas, it is only a matter of time before you see negative consequences.

When you’re happy, you’re energetic.  New ideas are forthcoming.  You’re in balance with the Universe.  You’re mentally sharp, physically strong and spiritually awake.  If you’re doing work that stimulates you, you’re growing and, more than likely, you feel great about yourself.  When you’re enjoying life, others want to be around you.  People will begin asking what you’re doing because they see a change in you.  You’ll be a pleasure to hang around.  Have you ever felt someone’s positive energy as they walked into a room?  That can be you.  Be an inspiration to yourself and to others. Happiness is contagious.

Does your current situation provide you with time for fitness?  When was the last time you worked out?  You are responsible for your body.  How are you taking care of it?  It is the only one you were given and I assume you’d like to have it around (in good condition) for a long time.

Are you taking care of your mind?  Meditation is great for this.  Taking even just five minutes a day to quiet your thoughts is the greatest therapy and it’s free.  There’s no need to pay a psychotherapist or counselor or anyone for that matter.  Drugs and pharmaceuticals are useless next to meditation.  Solitude and quietness calms the mind and the soul.  When we balance our ethereal bodies, our physical bodies come into alignment too and “dis” “ease” cannot exist in a healthy body.

Is your current job situation worth giving up your wellness?  Take control of your life.  With the tools, resources and apps available today, anyone can quit the commute and start a business from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and an Internet connection.


How healthy is your current work environment?  Is it noisy?  Disruptive?  What kind of speech is used in your office?  Is there loud and cacophonous background music playing?  Do you know that these can affect your health?  Imagine creating an office environment with the people and stimulation that can help you raise your productivity.

What kind of food do you eat during the day?  Are your meals on the go?  Are they even healthy?  Long ago my family and I decided to empty our cabinets of foods that come from a can or a box.  If it comes out of either one, it isn’t real food.

Does your commute result in reaching a workplace that is full of toxic people and prepackaged junk food?  Long term, imagine what these are doing to your body on a cellular level.  There are better ways to optimize your life and your performance.

What kind of time does your current job demand?  Are you working long hours?  Do you have time for personal interests and socializing?   Today is the day to make that life changing decision and quit the commute to a job that will not give you back the years and time you’re giving up.  Leverage your time to better use.  Invest in yourself, travel more, be your own boss.  Create the life you want instead of the life others want you to have.


When I ask people this question, inevitable “happiness” is one of the most frequent answers.  I was recently in London and had the opportunity to analyze people as they commuted to work every morning.  Other than obvious tourists, there was not a single happy face getting on a train.  And my question always is, why put yourself through that?

How to find happiness?  Recall the things that excited you as a child and put those ideas to work in a business that you own.  Remember when you were growing up how you couldn’t wait for the day to start?  The weather didn’t affect you.  The time of day didn’t matter.  Exterior conditions didn’t get in your way. What mattered most was your eagerness to get on with life and you spent time as you wished.  If going to an office every day has changed your childhood outlook on life, now is a good time to quit the commute and start a business where you can be happy again.

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