Historically the word success has been associated and defined by economic achievement.  Over the last few years, however, and more so since the global financial markets crashed in 2008, the word’s meaning has evolved.  Today when you ask people around the world to define success, the numerous answers you’ll receive boil down to one idea.  Success today, for many, is the ability to spend time as they wish to.  As humanity redefines priorities, which at the present is focused more on lifestyle over financial gain, planning for success in 2017 will be very different than it was just a decade ago.

So how do you combine career happiness, purpose and still provide for yourself and those who depend on you?  The answer is to own a visionary business.


Vision is the ability to see something before it happens.  This requires getting ahead of the masses while there’s still a niche to fill.  Addressing a need timely along with the ability to spend time the way you want to means choosing a venture that gives you time and geographical freedom as well as addressing growing demand.

Keeping in mind that due to automation many traditional careers will be obsolete in the next ten to twenty years, it would seem wise to invest in an online visionary business.


The happiest people I’ve ever known have businesses or careers that reflect their personalities and values.  That’s not always easy to do in a material-driven economy, where Chanel bags and Jimmy Choo shoes take precedence over personal development.  Thank goodness for artisans, crafts people, tinkerers, teachers, writers, struggling actors, educators, ministers, social workers, and the like, whose hearts are bigger than their consumer desires.


I recently met one of the most interesting people I’ve ever come across.  He’s a jewelry designer who sells his creations from a stall at an open air-market in Camden Town, north of the city of London.  Each artifact he makes is unique.  They’re all hand made.  He selects his gems and rocks from the rarest of places on earth.  Many come from Afghanistan and remote parts of New Zealand.

He selects them based on the energy that each stone exudes and spends considerable time holding each mineral before deciding to purchase it in order to “feel” if it has good energy.  Why?  He’s driven more by the experience that the stone’s vibrations will bring to its owner than the money he will make from a sale.

One hour into our conversation, I was intrigued to hear him ask a visitor to remove his gloves before touching one of the stones.  His sense and understanding of the ethereal can only be appreciated by the esoterically leaning individual.  If his pieces were available for sale on Madison Avenue, each would be priced in the thousands and, the reality is that, they would probably be purchased based on financial merit alone.

I didn’t purchase a talisman after our first meeting but something drew me back to him that afternoon.  He “knew” I would return and at our second meeting he revealed a cache of carefully tucked away pieces.  One called out to me from a trove of creations.  It is the head of a wolf hand-carved in lapis lazuli.

Based on the price I paid for the piece, by society’s standards, Johnny’s bank account is probably non-existent but he’s one of the most grounded, peaceful, wise, eternal, centered and intuitive individuals I’ve ever known.  If everyone could follow his or her passions, the way he does, as a way of providing for themselves and their families, I’ve no doubt the world would get along much better and wars would be a thing of the past.  Not everyone wants the same things.  It is the fear of scarcity that keeps us from being serviceful, generous, and successful.

Like my newfound buddy’s business governance, the idea of addressing a clients’ needs, giving away value, under promising and over-delivering is why I love what I do in digital marketing.  It is what attracted me to the SFM and it is the premise of all that we do in our online community.

As you consider ways to use the Internet to build an online business in 2017 make your passion and desires your number one priority.  Everything else will fall into place.  Money will be a byproduct of your happiness.  Where your heart is, there your treasure shall be.

Roxana Bowgen

Digital Marketing Strategist


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