I may have commented on the following observation in a previous log.  The reason I’m obsessed with looking at people’s faces is because I’m always trying to find more happy countenances than the number I see every day.  I imagined that this syndrome was just a local problem since a great number of people in our area work in the financial markets and on Wall Street, which is just now rebounding from years of depression.

Having returned last night from two weeks in London, however, I was dismayed to learn otherwise. The lack of joyful dispositions seems to be a global epidemic.  London is crowded by millions of visitors and residents representing every corner of the earth. In the time I was there, I may have seen 2 million people and heard over twenty different languages. Granted some of them may have valid reasons to look unhappy or even angry, but I suspect that the lack of smiles has more to do with people’s dissatisfaction with their lives, with where they are and what they’re doing.  For those where this is the case, I’d like to offer some tips for attaining the perfect balance between lifestyle and career.


Whether you’ve thought about it or not, you are always in control of your choices.  What you decide today will create your tomorrow.  Your choices tomorrow will create your next day and so on.  What you select to do each and every day defines the kind of life you have.  So what kind of choices are you making and do you want to continue on the path you’re on?  If you’re one of those unsmiling faces, I’m going to guess that you want change.  Do you want to fire your boss?  Do you want to quit the commute?

Choose today to have the lifestyle you want.  It’s better to have less money and be happy than to have all the money in the world and be miserable.  I know too many people whose net worth is in the multi-millions but they don’t have the time to enjoy it or are angry because they’re tied to their careers.


There’s never been a better time to have the kind of lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about.  Many of us were raised thinking we only had one career path and it can be difficult to break away from that set way of thinking.  Next time you see someone smiling or looking radiant, I challenge you to ask him or her what he or she is doing.  They’re probably living life on their own terms, are not relegated to a 9-5 desk job or unfulfilling careers.

Are you thinking that you don’t know what else you can do since all you know is what you’ve been doing all your life?  If you own a smart gadget, know how to operate a computer and are trainable, I have great news. Ecommerce is growing by leaps and bounds and just about anyone looking to do something more interesting is going to benefit from this trend.

With the mobility that a laptop and Internet provide, you can finally have the lifestyle that you’ve dreamed about.  You can design your work, your hours, your vacations, your salary, your perks, and best of all, your location.

Just about anything can be accomplished online.  Think about it.  Do you go on line to look for a medical solution?  Have you ever shopped for something on Amazon?  Do you book your own vacations?  Have you started a home search on the Internet?  Do you keep track of your finances online?  Just about everything today can be done on a laptop or a smart phone.  So can your career.


If you live in a part of the world where the winters are long and harsh, I would imagine that at some point the thought of living somewhere else has crossed your mind.  Perhaps you still dream about this but have no idea what to do.  Guess what? You can go anywhere and take your career with a laptop freedom business.

Imagine not having to leave your warm cozy home on a cold, wet and grey day.  Being productive doesn’t mean having to give up comforts.


I loved trading commodities and the income it provided.  What I didn’t like is being under the supervision of someone else and being told what to do. I’ve had a great run in real estate but the inconsistency of our local market has made it difficult to project finances.  I believe in self-development and helping others to lead more purposeful lives.  I’ve mentored and coached, two of my passions.  I don’t like routine.  I love creativity and expressing myself through writing and videos.  I love traveling.  With online marketing I can have them all and so can you.  It is a balance that is not available working for someone else.

Do you know that when you’re doing something fulfilling you actually radiate?


When you challenge yourself to grow you become happier. Your mind has been called the Holy Grail.

The most youthful people, and some of the happiest, constantly challenge themselves to acquire new skills.  Getting out of your comfort zone to learn and master a new ability leads to feeling better about yourself. The more you overcome new tasks, the more all-around confident you become. If we want to radiate, feel more youthful and be more productive, we need to continually experience new things.  If you want perfect balance between lifestyle and career, stimulate your intellect and learn something new every day. Find something that feeds your passion. Start a new fitness regimen. There’s no greater satisfaction than conquering something! When, through your choices, you’re on a path of growth, fulfillment and achievement, there’s only one thing that will show on your face: a smile.

Roxana Bowgen


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