Do you find yourself in limbo about making a career change?  What do you suppose is holding you back from making a decision one way or the other?  Do you know that when you can’t make a decision you’re splitting your energy in a way that is paralyzing and counterproductive to your evolution?


If fear is holding you back from leaving an unfulfilling job, I understand how you feel.  I’ve been there, more than once.  One thing is certain, however, if you’re stuck, you’re not making progress.

Look at it this way.  What is scarier, the thought that you’ll be in a dead end job for the rest of your life or endless possibilities?  You may not have an exact idea yet for your next career, but if you focus on unlimited potential, you’ll be investing your thought energy in much more productive ways.

Sometimes change is scary because we don’t want to give up a steady income. Never let money get in the way of finding your passion.  There are always ways to finance your next move.  Let ego aside.  If you need to stay on someone’s sofa for a while, then do it.  If it means returning to your parents’ home for a few months, so be it.  If you have to borrow money, there are worse things.  If you have to work a temporary or part time job that gives you more time to find your passion career, then it’s worth it.


Let’s demystify the word.  Failure is the erroneous perception of the lack of success.  When you allow failure thoughts to enter you mind, the only thing you have done is forgotten who you are.  When you feel this way, take a close look at all your achievements.

Make a list of things you have accomplished.  You have a job.  You have a family.  You own a car.  You’re healthy.  People love you.  You graduated from high school, college or graduate school.  You landed a job everyone wanted.  You help others.  You travel.  You have children.  You’re a great cook.  You own a business. You’re creative. You’re resourceful. You’re a teacher.  Whatever you have accomplished, these are all achievements and proof of your successful nature.

When you remember these things you’re reminded that you’re a success story and the word “failure” disappears from your vocabulary.  If you have succeeded in the past, you will succeed in the future.  This is the trail you must always follow. Success is a mindset.  It does not expire but you must keep it fueled.

To get out of uncertainty, you must identify your desire(s).  One way to find out what they are is through experience. Too many people never advance personally or professionally because they are afraid to fail.

There is no such thing as failure.  There are only lessons to be learned.  Fear of failure is the single biggest reason why so many professionals lead unfulfilling lives. A missing sense of purpose isn’t failure. It is a sign that it’s time to make a change and the only way to find what you love is to try new things.

Failure is not where you are in life. It is the lack of courage to take the next step.  You’re always in charge of whether or not to leap forward. Limbo is the ultimate defeat.


Being in limbo, as well as having success, is a choice.  Make the decision to alter an unwanted condition right now. Breathe new energy in your life.  Infuse new movement, new thoughts and new activity.  Propel yourself forward.

The only right decision is to take a step forward.  The outcome of your step is not guaranteed but the outcome of your being in limbo is.  When you’re lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, you’re not advancing.  Life is not a straight line.  Our earth journeys are meant to have twists, turns and adventure. We are part of a continuously evolving Universe and to stay stagnant is counter-evolutionary.


Often we want instant results.  I’m the biggest offender when it comes to demanding instant gratification.  All comes in good time.  Sometimes discouragement and depression get in the way. Find ways to make yourself happy.

Doubt, not believing that we are deserving of our dream lifestyles, dream careers, dream whatever, blurs our clarity.  In order to know which way to go, we must envision the desired outcome.  We attract what we think about.

When we look at what others have when we don’t, it keeps us from moving forward.  Jealousy prevents us from seeing the possibilities that are right in front of us.  We should stay focused, maintain active and, most importantly, keep our vision alive.

If you’ve been thinking about a career change, it means that something is missing in your present situation.  How long do you want to be in this state of uncertainty and indecision?  If you’ve been in limbo about a career change, here are some exciting possibilities you may want to explore.

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