Most people want to have a rewarding profession to afford whatever they want but often this comes at a high cost.  The Earth’s population seems time pressed nowadays working endless hours to support families and lifestyles. Jobs are becoming more stressful and people are getting sick due to unfulfilling employment situations. Many have made career choices that compromise their talents trading these in for money instead.  Others have found that their choice of profession is not what they expected.

What can you do in order to keep your financial dreams alive and regain control over your life? Do you believe that if you love what you do, it isn’t work and that it is possible to combine your interests with an income producing career?

So, what is the best business to start? The best thing you can do is to start your own business.  Entrepreneurship offers you the ability to use your skills, acquire new opportunities and harness extraordinary results. But what kind of business to start?  Based on numerous recent studies, our traditional economy is going the way of the dinosaur and it is being replaced by the digital economy.  It would seem wise, therefore, to use this business model to launch your ideal lifestyle and career.

You get to do what you love

Starting an online concern might seem risky at first. While it does have a certain amount of risk, as does any startup, reaping the rewards of your efforts is always amazingly rewarding. As an entrepreneur you dictate your daily activities.  You can focus on specific things that interest you and you’ll seldom feel like you’re working because you actually enjoy what you do.  Another benefit of digital entrepreneurship is that you can prioritize tasks as you wish, not as someone else dictates.  So if you wake up one day feeling more creative rather than analytical you may want to write a blog, create a video or work on your website.


Flexible work hours

Having a web based business means that you are free to create your own schedule. You have the luxury to produce during the day or night and work whatever number of hours you wish. As long as you achieve what you want during those working hours, that’s all that matters. You are not tied to the 9 to 5 lifestyle anymore.  As of late, I prefer to use the morning for personal interests like fitness, yoga or meditation and begin my “work” day at midday.


With an online business you have the ability to live, travel or work anywhere. Online businesses free you from any real estate commitments and expenses. Because you are not tied to a specific place, you can choose your own work location as you see fit.  I recently spent a month in the South of France and my business didn’t skip a beat, thanks to a laptop and internet connection.Few people have awakened to this idea because they are still tied to an old business model and the (incorrect) concept that to be successful you have to “go to an office.”  Break away from that kind of thinking and your dream life is just another thought away.

You can create a career with a purpose

Yes, you can have it both ways.  You can be a humanitarian and make money, too. Thanks to an online business you are able to have a career that is financially rewarding and one that is purposeful. I have always loved helping people especially teaching others how to improve their personal circumstances.  As the owner of an online marketing concern, with automated systems in place that do most of the work, I can help others duplicate what I do: work less, play more, have an income. I’m able to market anything to anyone anywhere in the world.  For me, this means sharing products, ideas and services in the mindfulness and personal development fields.  I recently wrote, Agapanthus Rising, a book about empowering self-realization through self-help skills.  I’m able to market the book globally in conjunction with or other products and services.

You will have lots of fun

Since you create your business, you are in control. You have the ability to enjoy what you do and this will lead to more fun. More fun leads to better productivity and, as a result, more money. You get to earn a better income by doing what you love!

Life is all about making choices. These choices attract the people and the things you have in your life.Think about the choices you’re making right now.  Do you choose to stay in a career that feels like drudgery or is unfulfilling?  Remember, if you love what you do, it isn’t work.  I pinch myself sometimes wondering if my life is for real.  Having been programmed for so long to wear business attire, it’s a strange sensation to reach the middle of the day wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  As I write this, I’ve just returned from a glorious walk at the beach enjoying a beautiful September morning along the Connecticut coast line.  I can’t think of a more relaxing way to start off my “work” day.  How can I help you start your ideal day? Remember, if you love what you do, it isn’t work.

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