There are people who only see the negative aspects of situations rather than the positive and it’s easy to fall prey to that frame of mind if you allow it. I believe that what we focus on and think about, we bring about. For that reason, I don’t like naysayers and stay away from pessimists. Take for example, an unsolicited email that I received from a disgruntled online marketer, who was spamming the internet and online communities putting down digital marketing. Just because he was unsuccessful, we don’t have to buy into that thinking. Everyone struggles at the start of a new business, typically feeling off kilter and sometimes overwhelmed, but what’s the point of trying to poison others with a bad attitude? When someone like this crosses my path, I focus on what happiness is. I choose to be happy.

Happiness is getting your first lead

Let’s face it, the initial learning curve is demanding especially of the two things that you’re trying to achieve: freedom of time and money. So, when that sweet day comes and you receive a congratulatory email from your mentors saying you have your first lead, it’s the feedback you’ve been craving confirming that you’re on track. It means you’ve setup your systems correctly, created a winning ad, and you’re reaching your target audience. It’s an indication that you’re on your way to a return on your investment.

Happiness is your first sale

After two months of creating online content and advertising, I had doubts about electronic marketing. I was wondering if the education system I offer is in demand and whether I could be seen in cyberspace. I was questioning if I had set up my sales funnel correctly or if I was providing too much information. Consistency and the support of my family paid off. Digital marketing works!

Happiness is giving our best away

It’s rewarding to know that somewhere, at some point, our efforts will help someone solve a problem. Offering our greatest possessions, such as our expertise, means that we’re operating from a place of abundance. It also means that we’re not dependent on any “thing” to makes us happy because we’re not afraid to give that away. In fact, helping others is how we learn about ourselves and how we grow.

What better endorsement than finding someone interested in what I have to offer. Through digital training, I help people discover their talents, put them to use and point them toward endless possibilities for online commerce. Not every lead turns into a buyer but presenting someone with the potential to build an amazing lifestyle is a wonderful feeling.

What impression do people come away with when they meet you professionally? Do you radiate with joy or do you walk around with a negative cloud like the disgruntled e-mailer? Those who take charge of their happiness typically don’t get derailed when something doesn’t go their way. They keep trying until they succeed.

Society conditions us to look for validation from others, when the only one that really matters is our own. When moments come that test us, medals on the wall won’t make us feel any better. Happiness is remaining hopeful under all circumstances and not giving up easily.

Happiness is finding solutions

Are you gratified with your work? Are you a problem solver? Do you see and want opportunities for personal growth?  Building an online business is all about problem solving. I’ve found many road blocks along the way.  I’ve been stuck.  When a strategy doesn’t work, I have to find one that does. Before I contact my support community, I look for the answer online. More often than not, I find the solution on my own.  In the process, I learn something new.

For two months I was campaigning in several countries without getting any results. Just as I was about to give up I started getting results in the United Kingdom. Now I’m scaling advertising in that market.

If you’ve been following the mini-series on PBS, Poldark, you’ll understand the following analogy. Digital marketing, like mining, is about digging until you find the shaft or track that contains the ore you’re looking for. If one tunnel isn’t giving results, move on to another.

Happiness is a choice

I won’t allow negative individuals to deter my progress. I participate weekly on a training call spearheaded by my referring affiliates who are on top of the leader boards nearly every month. At half my age, and living the laptop lifestyle in Australia, they are inspirational and great motivators. I look forward to joining the live conference call every Tuesday night wanting to capture more of their positive enthusiasm. Happiness is contagious.

Other things that make me happy:

  • Waking up feeling exhilirated
  • Looking at rainbows
  • Stargazing
  • Watching sunrises and sunsets
  • Having my own style
  • Confidence
  • Partying
  • Indie films
  • The theatre
  • Meaningful conversations
  • Laughing
  • Traveling when I want to and as long as I want to
  • Flying first class
  • Driving along the French Riviera in a convertible
  • Making global friends
  • People watching at my favorite Brasserie in the middle of the day
  • Playing hooky – working my business whenever I want
  • Not dreading Sunday evenings, as many people do, wondering what waits at the office in the week ahead
  • Being productive no matter where I am or what time zone I’m
  • Having my office anywhere in the world
  • Having a supportive community of like-minded global professional friends like the SFM
  • Going to the beach in the morning answering emails in the afternoon
  • Learning new skills
  • Helping others create lifestyle businesses
  • Showing them their potential
  • Making a global impact sharing and trading skills with other professionals around the world
  • Being the creator of my own life
  • Knowing that my best is yet to come
  • Realizing my dreams!

When so many people today are looking for meaningful work, I’ve found a rewarding and purposeful profession, one that allows me the freedom of time and expression, mobility as well as the ability to help others. What more can a professional ask for?  Happiness is owning an online business.  What does happiness look like to you?

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