Over the long July 4th holiday weekend here in the United States, I had time to ponder some of the more esoteric questions about the human experience.  One of them is the idea of communication and how effective we are at conveying exactly what we’re trying to express.  The purpose of communication, after all, is to convey a thought, experience or feeling. Poor communication, in my opinion, has been one of the reasons why wars have been waged, empires have been lost, racism has been justified, relationships have ended and businesses have failed.  How well we express our ideas can be the difference between furthering a cause or the reason for its demise. Whether through writing, speech, art, music, symbolism, air waves or other medium, all of us are constantly passing on messages. Communication is the crux of all relationships, especially in business.  If we want to build an enterprise, effective communication is important.


All of us express ourselves in various ways but do people hear exactly what we’re trying to convey?  Not always.  When I was a real estate manager, I gave quite a bit of thought and preparation to the training classes I would prepare for new hires on how to build their businesses.  Most of them succeeded but not all.  Could I have been more effective in how I shared ideas or solutions?

How often do we say something to someone who responds with a puzzled look, an attack or a defense?  These are indicators that we may not have relayed our message clearly.  One of the ways to avoid this is to say something several times but in different ways.

Whether through the book I wrote or the digital business I own, my aim is to offer solutions and improvements to people’s lifestyles.  My purpose is never to sell anything.  My goal is to give people ideas and opportunities to create and live amazing lives and this message is repeated through my advertising, blogging and videos.

Highly effective communicators repeat and rephrase ideas constantly. This is the concept behind blogging.  If you can convey a topic consistently but in innovative ways, eventually you may convert some readers to customers. There is power in repetition.  Unlike nagging, redundant communication helps to clarify, be understood and remembered.


One of the reasons blog marketing has burgeoned is that when done on a regular basis, it is an effective way to create and build a loyal list of buyers.  Consistent logging also helps to keep you at the forefront of people’s minds, especially today when there’s so much noise and competition on the internet.  When you’re on people’s radar, they’re more likely to remember you.


The way to offer great value is to communicate with a large audience in ways that no one else is doing.  One of the reasons I was attracted to digital marketing is that an online business allows me to reach thousands around the world instantly in innovative ways that conventional means like print media or mass mailings don’t allow.


Being timely with your communication is important.  Are you reaching your audience at a time when your product or service is needed? Where can you compete where no one else, or very few, are competing?  Enter into a market when there is a need and few people are addressing that need.


Just as what you’re offering is important, how quickly you bring your product, service or idea to market is essential.  This is where speed of communication through digital marketing leaves traditional businesses in the dust.  By the time you find the investment capital, the right location, financing, staff, equipment and service providers, it could you several months to get your bricks and mortar business off the ground.  Digital communication gives you an advantage before an onslaught of competitors hits the market.


Offering a product or service online is far more efficient than traditional marketing methods. If there’s demand, very little can keep you from reaching your audience nearly instantly.  Exposure, product testing and feedback begins the moment you communicate with your market.  If you’re getting subscribers, buyers and repeat purchasers, you’re already getting the market’s reaction.

Effective communication is important to convey your purpose.  If you want to further your cause, idea or service, find a method, business or a system that will allow you to do this with the highest efficiency in the shortest amount of time, the way our digital community does every day.  If you’re wondering how we do it, take a look.

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