Do you want to have the life you’ve always dreamed of?  So what is keeping you from it?


It seems to me that most people are always dreaming of a better life.  For many, this means more time to do the things they love.  For others it means more money to buy a house, a car, pay bills, or travel.


Dreams are your greatest treasure.  Guard them carefully.  If you have a dream, especially if it’s a big one, it’s always best to keep it to yourself until it manifests or share it only with someone who’s on the same frequency you’re on.  But never go looking for people to share your vision.  They may steer you away from your path.  Successful people believe in their dreams and don’t need others to justify them.


When you share your dreams with others who are not on the same receptive mode, they will oftentimes squash your idea.  This happens for many reasons.  They may have doubt, jealousy or they may simply be trying to protect you.  How often has someone questioned your capacity to achieve something?  Stay away from doubters and keep your vision alive.


I was raised in a household full of fear and doubt.  But I knew, instinctively, that life doesn’t have to be that way.  I’ve always kept my dreams nurtured by believing in myself and drowning out the naysayers.   As a result, I’ve manifested most of them and I’m on my way to receiving bigger ones.


How often has someone questioned your capacity to achieve something?  Stop keeping their company.  Keep your vision alive.  Besides, you will always be disappointed as long as you look to others for approval.  Your dream is yours and yours alone.  Don’t let anyone pass judgment on it.


Do you realize that only you can create the lifestyle you dream about?  You are a creator.  Our lives are not controlled or conditioned by other people or by events.  We have the power to produce whatever circumstance we choose.  Look at people who thrive during difficult financial times.  While the majority sees doom and gloom, the creators see opportunity.   It’s the same as seeing the glass half full versus half empty.  If you can see it, visualize it, the facts don’t matter.  Internalize your dream and hold on to that vision.


My mentors Chris, Gerard, Merrilee and Sandrine, are four of the most inspirational and amazing entrepreneurs I’ve ever known. They live in Australia and have just returned from spending six weeks in the Philippines working with underserved populations and visiting their families.  They can do this because, like myself, they own a laptop lifestyle business.  All four quit their unfulfilling jobs and left the their homeland in search of their fortunes.  Everyone at home told them they were foolish and that they wouldn’t make it.  Their dream was so big, there was no room to let  others in who were not on board.  Within 20 months of their decision, they exceeded their goal of earning over 7 figures.  If they keep to their vision it is highly likely that their incomes will be significantly larger this year.  Friends and loved ones told them “prove me wrong.”  They did.  No one could keep them from realizing their dream.


We create our lives by what we think.  If we think we can do something, that is correct.  If we think we cannot, that is correct, too.   Bob Proctor says that  “Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.” So which reality do you want to create?  If you can see it and visualize it, the facts don’t matter.  Internalize your dream and hold on to that vision.


Do you want to have the life you’ve always dreamed of?  So what is keeping you from it?  Asking yourself some of these questions may help you find the answer.




I have a dream board — of sorts.  It’s more like dream pages that I’ve cut out from magazines that I keep around my desk.  I also have lots of fabulous dream screen savers.  Since I’m frequently on the computer, they’re great reminders of places I love, still want to see or things I’ve yet to do.  Recently one of my dreams  manifested in the form of a long trip abroad.


I’ve always dreamt about spending time in France, a place that resonates with my personality.  I shared this dream with, well meaning, friends whose responses were less than supportive.  I received comments like:  it’s unaffordable, you can’t take so much time away from work, it’s dangerous right now.  I put my earplugs on and forged ahead.


I recently returned from spending a glorious month in the South of France.  Had I listened to everyone else’s reason why I shouldn’t do this, I would have missed out on the most inspiring, fulfilling and personally rewarding time of my life.  I stayed in a magnificent apartment with a 180-degree view of the Cote D’Azur.  Daily I walked to the beach which was just a few steps away.


The more that people told me I couldn’t do this, the more determined I was to prove them wrong.  My stay for the month was a fraction of the cost of a hotel.  I ate and shopped the way locals do and my monthly expenses were less than where I live in the U.S. The moral of the story is, if you want something badly enough, there is always a way to get it, provided you keep distance from pessimists.


If you could live anywhere, where would you live?  Do you prefer the ocean or the mountains?  Do you enjoy traveling abroad or exploring your home country?  What countries do you still want to see?





Spending as much time as you want with the people you love, in my opinion, is the greatest gift in life.  But, most people have to work and don’t have the luxury of time. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a business that gives you as much time as you want?


There are times when I prefer to travel alone.  It is a great way to grow.  When I need a new perspective on life, I pack my bags.  I’ve been throughout Europe, Latin America and parts of the Middle East on my own.  It’s easy when you can monitor your business’ progress from a laptop.


I’m wondering about you.  If you had the freedom of time, would you spend this time alone or with someone else?  Who would you spend it with?




If you’re anything like me, I always want to be productive.  I love what I do and sometimes I feel a little guilty because my work feels more like play.  It’s a reflection of how we’ve been conditioned to think that “work” should be difficult.  I’ve transitioned some of my marketing skills from previous careers and I’m learning new ones.  What I love most is the ability to help others build their dream careers and lifestyles, too.  So long as I’m connected with my laptop, my business travels with me.


In my corporate career I was programmed to keeping schedules and answering to others.  Today I dictate my financial goals, the hours I keep, how much I reinvest, where I work and the kind of environment I want.  I don’t have management ordering my behavior.  For me, these things are priceless.


What is your idea of the perfect profession or career?  Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?  Is this still your passion?  What career path would you follow today?




I love being near water, especially taking long walks at the beach.  My favorite activity when I travel is to find a beautifully sited restaurant along a waterway.  It’s easy in Paris or London where there are lots of great choices.  Being close to water inspires me to write, think and feel better.


What kinds of places inspire you?  Would you spend more time there if you could?  What would you do with lots of free time?




Too often I hear people say, I don’t have enough time.  I will do it one day.  When, when, when.  What are you waiting for?  Who or what is stopping you?  When you give your life over to conditions, circumstances or people, you’ve given up your dream.  You’re the only one that’s going to keep it alive.


So my final question for you is, when do you plan to have the life you’ve always dreamed of?  Can I share my community of professionals with you to show you how you can create a dream lifestyle?  Learn more here if you’re interested. We’re online marketers who are already living our dream lives.  Our biggest dream is yet to come, that is, to share our knowledge with countless others.



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