With all the extra time that you’ll have on your hands, by owning an automated laptop business, what would your digital life look like? 


One of the many reasons digital marketing is growing by leaps and bounds in popularity is the freedom that it provides, once systems are up and running.  Let me clarify, however.  Being a successful online marketer requires considerable time, energy and investment in the start-up phase.  It demands a strong constitution.  You must have belief in yourself, determination and especially a clear vision of why you want to do it.


I was 15 years old when I landed my first job as a receptionist at an architectural firm in Beverly Hills.  I walked to work after school every day.  I enjoyed my responsibilities and I felt good about myself because I was helping my single mother who was struggling financially to raise two girls.  I sensed that I was making a difference in her life.

When we know clearly why we’re doing what we’re doing, we’re empowered and never feel like a victim.  We have a purpose to our work and a direction that fuels us on.  I knew that this first job was a means to an end and that it would not be forever.


Trading time for money, at that age, was fun.  After college I went on to being a commodities trader but as I matured, I wanted control over my time and destiny.  I also wanted a purposeful existence and to have fun along the way.  I understood that being a salaried employee would never provide me with these essentials and that if I was to have a dream lifestyle, I would have to create it myself.

It has taken me a few years and some professions later to find the courage to go solo as an entrepreneur. Through my work today as a digital educator and online marketing strategist, I get to do all the things that I love: making a difference in other people’s lives, using my professional skills and having loads of enjoyment in the process.


The desire to have fun is part of our human condition.  “…there is virtually no limit to a person’s desire to have fun. In fact, we would rather play games and have fun more than anything.”

If you had to choose between being tethered to an office most of your professional life or working from anywhere in the world doing whatever you want to do, I think I know which one you’d choose. Now magnify this potential with the ability to create and grow the business of your dreams.  This is where the fun truly begins.


My passion has always been in the area of self-development; to help people be the best version of themselves.  I’ve written a book on the topic, Agapanthus Rising.  I’ve mentored and coached on the subject of empowerment and creating your destiny.  The point I’m making is not to boast but to let you know that if I can do it, you can too.  Define your vision, put blinders on and ignore the rest of the world.  When you’re living your passion, your living at your highest potential.

How determined are you to create your passion career? When you’re having fun in your career, it isn’t work!  Here is a lifestyle that is possible as a digital entrepreneur.  If you had the chance to create your dream lifestyle through online marketing, what would your digital life look like?  Take a look here how you can.

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