I wish you would have had the opportunity to participate in this life-changing conference in Perth, November 15th – 19th. The Brand Incubator workshop week ended with Momentum Day on Saturday where we had several motivational speakers, including the founders of the SFM, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek.  People and top producers came from all over the world including China, Philippines, Malaysia, Africa, Europe, Canada, the U.S. and South America.
There were so many valuable gems given to us.  The most important messages we came away with:
  • The importance of living our purpose
  • The way to find it
  • Everyone wants freedom and financial independence
  • More and more people are looking for lifestyle businesses
  • To lead our happiest lives, we have to be in balance:  have financial security and personal fulfillment
  • The value of community and having non-judgmental people to turn to for help
  • We are not alone, to succeed we need others
  • Being surrounded by individuals who bring out the best in us so we can offer our best to others
  • Re-skilling is essential
  • Studies predict that our children will need to reinvent themselves 6 times during their lifetimes
  • The urgency of getting ahead of automation to avoid being obsolete
  • The need to stay on top of digital technology
  • The necessity to develop our personal brand
  • Online technology has no entry level barriers such as age or expertise
  • Through technology the world is now one small village
  • With the tools available today we can address global needs and make an impact!
If you’re ready for a better lifestyle, one that makes you excited to get out of bed every morning, it doesn’t get better than the SFM.  If you’re ready to join our community, start here.
Photo courtesy of Pixabay, by Shahrokh
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