One thing that I’ve come to realize about anyone trying to break into the digital marketing world is that we get so caught up in the numerous steps needed to place a successful campaign that we take for granted and forget to celebrate that first lead from a YouTube in stream video ad. We focus on the process and disregard the success.


Do you realize how much you had to do to get your first in-stream video subscriber? When I first started my online journey, I began with Bing ads and received numerous subscribers right away. Bing is a low cost and great way to get started, but I soon realized that while I was getting leads, they were not qualified leads.


The reason for this is that video ads are more effective for marketing a lifestyle business. You have more power when your audience can see your eyes and your transparency. Videos are fun to watch and they are more engaging. But what I realized is that the audience that I target spends most of its time on You Tube. So I switched.


The point of advertising is to gain the attention and loyalty of buyers who are ready, willing and able to purchase. While it’s noble to provide valuable free information to your market, we also need to make money if our businesses are to grow.


Getting subscribers is easy, getting the right ones isn’t.




Your well-defined target buyer is called your Avatar. This is the individual who is most likely to be attracted to and benefit by your service or product. You may have forgotten what criteria you used to arrive at your ideal buyer but I guarantee that you put a lot of thought into it. Whether consciously or not, you had to consider a few things such as:


  1. Value you can offer that individual
  2. Why he or she would be interested in your offer
  3. Their age group
  4. Where they hang out on social media
  5. Where are they geographically
  6. What their interests are
  7. Their income level


Narrowing down you Avatar took you time. You didn’t come to a conclusion instantly.



Early in my journey, I received numerous leads from a foreign market. After several months, none of those subscribers converted and I realized that it is better to have a short list of good and suitable buyers than a long list of people who will never purchase.


Trial and error is part of the learning curve for all marketers. Every startup business goes through growing pains and digital marketing is no different.


If you did your homework, you found that some geographical locations are more suitable for your offer than others. Not all markets will have the same interest in your product or service. You don’t want to sell winter coats in Florida during the summer.


Remind yourself how you arrived at your market preference. What process did you use? You had to spend time researching and trying different locations. Cudos to you. Cut yourself some slack if you’re not celebrating that first lead!




If you’re advertising on YouTube, you overcame a lot of hurdles. Look at how many tests you had to pass.  You had to create a website that is:


  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Offers valuable content and tools
  • Is user friendly
  • Is relevant
  • Is current
  • Has social media links
  • Has sign up forms


This step alone may have taken you days or even weeks until all the kinks were ironed out.



  • Your site also had to get approved for compliancy. That’s not easy to do, especially as rules change all the time. Your site has to be clear in its representation, use proper words and have workable links. If any of these are missing you’re at risk of having your ad removed or your channel shut down.


  • You passed the earnings and legal disclaimers. This is where many marketers fail. Everyone’s performance is different and no one can guarantee how much income you will earn.




You predefined your demographics before starting your advertising. You had to think about where you wanted your video placed.


Selecting videos where you want your ad to appear takes a lot of time unless you use systems like Veeroll, which makes targeting a breeze. If your budget is tight you can create your own lists of video urls, keeping in mind that this process is time consuming.


Your first video ad lead came because you gave a lot of thought to this step in the process. If your product or service is about growing a business, you probably targeted Tony Robbins or Robert Kiyosaki videos. You didn’t place your ad on a video about renouncing worldly goods. You made a focused decision and it paid off.


At times, in the excitement of getting started, new marketers place ads indiscriminately hoping this method will pay off. It seldom does. When you market to everyone, you market to no one. You spend lots of money, yield little or no results and have no consistently.




Creating an ad on Adwords is not easy. There are lots of steps which have to be covered to make an ad successful. You Tube ad templates are similar to other platforms like Bing and Facebook, although each has slight variances which can make the difference between your ad being seen or not.


Most advertising venues allow a maximum daily budget. Some offer accelerated exposure. Others don’t. Some give countless options to refine your target audience and the time of day or the day of the week they run. It’s best to start with one advertising platform until you become an expert before adding others.


Each step is an opportunity to trip you up. If you miss one, it may make the difference between your ad been seen or not and your efforts being rewarded or not. So, give yourself some credit if you got your first lead. It means that you passed each step successfully and that your sales funnel works!




The message in your video should be compelling and personal. It must capture your audience’s interest in the first few seconds.


Hopefully you have written and practiced, without memorizing, your content before delivery. It should be natural, not canned. Speak from the heart. Be confident and professional. You’re the specialist in your field and your message should reflect that experience.


When creating the video:


  • Think about your target audience. If they’re millenials, you don’t want to appear in a formal business suit


  • What language are you using? Can your audience relate to your vocabulary? “Vlog like a boss”, for example, may go right over a baby boomer’s head.


  • Is the sound and lighting good?


  • Are you offering value in your content?


  • What mood are you in when recording your ad? Your disposition will come through so, unless you’re at your best, hold off on taping that video.


Celebrate your first lead from your You Tube in stream video. You were successful in each of these steps in order to get that first subscriber.




Your landing page, which is linked to your video ad, clearly works. It attracted someone who signed up as a subscriber through your email marketing system. This is the automated platform you created to link everything together. This is called your sales funnel. Way to go! It all works!


There are many automated email marketing systems such as Constant Contact or Mail Chimp but I prefer AWeber. It is intuitive and easy to use. Their support team is first class and training courses are free.



When someone sees your ad that is called an impression. When they stick around to watch, it is a view. When they click on the link and provide their email address, you have just received converted your first lead. Congratulations.


The process to get that first lead has been long and hard. Don’t underestimate the value of what you have learned. This will serve you well. Now you know how to identify the best markets to advertise in and how to generate qualified leads.

Scale up your advertising budget on a successful campaign. This is how your business will thrive. Congratulations. Celebrate your first lead from your You Tube in stream video ad.

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