I want to live my best life in 2017 and I imagine you do too.  We all do.  It’s because humans are wired for evolution, not for complacency, and the only way this can happen is to experience situations that force us to grow.  New conditions, adversity and taking risk are necessary for personal development.

Albert Einstein was right when he said that doing the same thing over and over leads to insanity.  I’d like to add that it stunts our growth, as well.  The greatest self-improvement happens when we leave our comfort zones for the unknown.  When I want to grow, I pack my bags.


If you want your best life in 2017, you’ll need to create circumstances to allow that reality to manifest.  Infuse novelty in your daily routine. I don’t believe in living recklessly, however, a good healthy dose of edginess and calculated risk opens up fresh possibilities.  It also introduces new energy.  Fear may have held you back in the past but this is the year to throw it out the window and leap forward. If you want success, emulate risk takers.


We become empowered when we leave doubt and fear behind.  Empowerment gives us the confidence to explore new skills, try new disciplines and seek fulfilling existences.

To function from a place of power, we need to change how we perceive risk and how we define failure. This requires a mind shift. Never use the word failure. There is no such thing. There are only lessons from which to grow and ways to show how not to do something. Successful people achieve because fear is not in their vocabulary or in their mindset.

Trailblazers take trials and errors lightheartedly.  They’re seldom paralyzed by setbacks or rejection.  Obstacles are the fuel for them to try harder. They are problem solvers.

People who thrive don’t take things personally. They understand there may be other circumstances that led to a rejection. They get back up, dust themselves off and try again.  They find solutions.

A lot of people make fear-driven choices in life.  They take conventional paths, especially in their careers, opting for the “safe” route only to find out that they hate what they do or that they have been made redundant.  So long as you rely on someone else for compensation, you’re never in control. 2017 may be the year to launch off on your own and start an entrepreneurial business that you love.


If you want a great life, remember the things you love to do most and find a way to incorporate them into an income producing activity. Listen to your inner voice, trust your intuition and follow your instincts.  Recall past achievements. These indicate where you gifts lie and where your talents may be best used.

This is the year to do a healthy self-analysis.  Think of challenges that you’ve overcome and recall how you got past setbacks. Be thankful for what they taught you. Surround yourself around great supporters. Learn from self-improvement masters.

Incorporate your talents in various aspects of your life and never compare yourself to others. Your combination of skills, background and experiences makes you unique.  You’re one of a kind.  Tune in to your personal frequency and you’re on your way to manifesting your best life in 2017.


Engage more frequently in activities that you love to do. Put your heart into all your actions. Do things that inspire you.  Never look back.

What do you love to do that others have talked you out of doing?  Make a list of the things you still want to achieve and check off your accomplishments as you go. If it includes a lifestyle change, write down how you plan to achieve that.


Celebrate life, successes and setbacks with those you love.  Spend more time with your family and thank everyone for being a part of it. Make date night a priority. Shower your partner with flowers or surprise him or her with a bottle of champagne occasionally. Better yet, behave as you did when you first started dating.

On their birthdays, present them with a list of reasons why you love them for each year of their lives.

Place your family’s needs over anyone else’s and never begrudge them.


Everything in creation contains Yin and Yang, two opposite yet complementary energies that are interdependent and create balance.

Besides your career life, these are some ways to have balance in your life.  Get on a sustainable fitness program.  Clean up your diet. Reduce alcohol intake.  Drink more water.  Eat more fruits and vegetables.  Use herbs and spices as alternatives to pharmaceuticals.  Use natural products more often.  Take walks.  Get more fresh air during the day.  Look up at the sky frequently.  Travel.  Stay up to see the sunrise. Take photographs.  Make movies.  Treat yourself to very dark chocolate often.  Fast during the year.  Indulge in spas and massages regularly.  Find niche restaurants.  Try new cuisines. Use less credit. Get a pet and love it with all your heart.  Listen to more music but not before listening to your partner or your children.  Attend motivational talks.  Better yet, give one.  Sign up for a new skill workshop. Read inspirational books.  Remind yourself constantly that things are always working out for you.  Compliment someone daily and mean it.  Thank someone every day. Write.  Sing.  Dance around the room alone.  Better yet, go out dancing with a partner. Laugh more.  Walk and sit upright as often as you can.  Take up yoga.  Ride a motorcycle and wherever you go, have a smile on your face.  You may be the only hope someone sees today.

Sit in peace and meditate.

Find someone to help and volunteer.

How will you create your best life in 2017?



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