This is an interview about my journey as a digital marketer.


Q: Do you regret leaving a guaranteed income in the corporate world to become an online entrepreneur?


A: That’s easy to answer. No. I was making a lot of money with countless benefits as a commodities trader but I was unfulfilled. After I left that career, it took me a while to find a dream business and I tried many different ones along the way.


I wanted to do something that had no limitations such as age or geographical location; one where I could transition existing skills and that wouldn’t require previous knowledge. There’s not a single day that I regret leaving behind my corporate job to find my passion. If hadn’t experienced those other business models, I wouldn’t know what I really wanted. It was part of my evolution.


Q: Why online entrepreneurship?


A: I’ve always known that I’m destined for something greater than spending my days inside an office or doing unfulfilling work. I don’t like to answer to anyone other than myself, especially not to a boss for whom I have little respect or to go along with a company philosophy that is counter to my core values.


I believe every human being is priceless and the idea of trading time for money goes against every cell in my body. No one has the right to put a price tag on anyone’s head. Don’t get me wrong, we all have to start somewhere and, in the beginning, we need gain valuable skills but at some point we’re ready for something bigger.


Another reason is that the world today is online. We operate in a digital economy and through social media. In recent years thousands of traditional jobs have disappeared and more will continue to cease exponentially in the near future to be replaced by automation. I’ve always been cutting edge and having current digital knowledge keeps me from becoming obsolete.


Q: So, what appealed to you most about digital marketing?


A: Where to begin… I’ve always been service-oriented and I love to help people. At one point in my journey, I founded a humanitarian non-profit organization, Volunteers on Call, Inc. with the mission to raise people up out of dire situations by providing them with educational resources and lifetime skills such as teaching about micro-enterprise. The humanitarian world filled me with purpose and passion but it had no financial rewards. The corporate world paid me lucratively but I had no personal fulfillment. Digital marketing allows me to have both.  I offer the marketplace valuable products and services that I believe in.


Another reason that I was instantly attracted to online marketing is the freedom that it provides. I can spend more time with loved ones and doing things that I enjoy such as videography, Ashtanga yoga, meditation, writing, vlogging and especially traveling. I can operate my business from anywhere in the world so long as I have my laptop and a good internet connection.


Q: How did you find this path?


A: I was surfing through Youtube looking for inspirational videos and I came across one by Abraham Hicks. An instream ad popped up with two former professional brothers talking about now they now live a laptop freedom lifestyle.


Gerard was an accountant. Chris worked in a mine. They live in Australia. They explained how watching a video series changed their lives. Today, they spend time traveling the globe working their businesses from a laptop. They’re currently in Iceland. In the last twelve months they’ve travelled to Bali, Thailand, the Maldives, the Philippines, the Caribbean and Europe.


In their ad, they offered the same free video series on how to start an online business as I offer in this video. My mentors Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek created the series to explain all about creating a digital lifestyle and what it takes to get started.


If I hadn’t taken the initiative to watch the series I wouldn’t have the life that I have today. More importantly, I can now follow my calling to help others create their dream lifestyles.


Q: What has your digital journey been like?


A: I never imagined that there are people out there just like me who love to make loads of money, have philanthropic hearts and love globetrotting– that there’s actually a way to have it all plus a career that gives me passion and purpose.


In breaking away from the traditional way of thinking about a career path, I found a community of like-minded individuals, successful leaders and mentors that are crushing this industry!


Q: What message(s) would you like to get across to your audience today?


A: That we don’t have to listen to outside voices telling us that we’re going to fail, or that we need to follow a traditional career path — that more often than not won’t give us the fulfillment we seek.


Be open and receptive to what is being offered. It may provide a solution. Take the step to find out more by signing up for the free video series.


I don’t want to reach those last few moments on earth regretting what I didn’t do. So, I asked myself, if I continue to do what I’m doing today, where do I see myself in 5 or 10 years? That was the turning point for me.


Q: How can someone get the free video series?


A: By clicking on the link in the video or going to and providing an email address on the submission form.

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