When you set your mind to learning something new, do you want to master the new skill right away?  This is a positive attitude to have in life and it may work in some instances but when it comes to learning digital marketing, the best approach is to take baby steps to online success.


In the beginning of my online education, I was overwhelmed with the amount of information and new skills I had to learn. I was frustrated thinking I had to become an expert overnight.  There were dozens of acronyms I needed to learn: CTR, CCP, SEO, CPM, CR, PPL, WP besides others and a whole new language to master.


I had to define my Avatar, that is, define and select my target market.  Once I knew clearly why I wanted to serve that market, I could proceed.  I had to master social media and hang out where my Avatar hangs out.  I needed a website that can address and relate to my market’s needs.


I had to learn how to create a digital ad and how to place it on Facebook, Youtube and Bing.  There is a process involved in placing successful ads on social media.  No step can be missed or you’re simply throwing money out the window, as I did in the beginning.


I had to freshen up my writing skills for blogging.  Before writing you have to research how many searches are being done on the topic you wish to blog about.  There’s a science involved including using meta descriptions and a call to action. Every step along the way determines whether or not your content will be seen.

If the search for the topic you’ve chosen shows millions of results, it is highly unlikely that your blog will ever show up. You’ll have to tweek your title until the search numbers are below a certain number.


Online advertising is a very specific skill. In the industry, it is said that when you market to everyone, you market to no one. If you want to be profitable, research markets ahead of time to see which ones are likely to purchase based on income, profession, interests, level of education, etc.

On the creative and fun side of online marketing, I’ve learned to create and have fun with videos. Here’s one I love.


When I sat back, took a deep breath and looked at the gargantuan tasks before me, I realized that I needed to simplify my approach and break it down to small bite sized pieces. Also, looking at the situation objectively, it dawned on me that the only person demanding that I learn everything right away was myself.  I’m a Gemini, on the border of Taurus, and the bull side of me is sometimes hard headed and charges ahead without questioning first.

Once I took the pressure off myself, I began seeing results. When I broke things down into simple steps, I began having fun and having exponential results. I also started seeing new and exciting possibilities to get my message across.  I come from a template-oriented business background and the idea of having fun while doing business, initially felt counterintuitive.  Not so.

The only person seeing a mountain before me was myself. A lot of people fail at digital marketing because they cannot see that baby steps will achieve success in the long run. Changing one’s perception is how to tackle the tasks at hand.


The first step to take on the online journey is to create a calendar.  Start with an education that will walk you through each stage of the learning process. Post the days when you’ll be attending class.

Don’t get stuck on learning mode, however.  A lot of newbies make the mistake of signing up for too many courses and never put to practice what they learn.


Review lessons and quickly get on action mode.  Put to work what you have learned.  The sooner you activate your newly-acquired skills, the better.  Put the information to use while it is fresh in your mind and you’ll start seeing results sooner than you can imagine. It’s exhilirating to get your first lead, exciting to see your list of followers grow and best when you convert them to buyers.

You may not see results right away. You may need to alter your title, change your market, rewrite your ad or change advertising venue. If advertising on Google or Youtube, you’ll need to master Adwords, a laborious process and ever-changing venue.  Compliancy rules change all the time at Google and you’ll need to conform to avoid getting shut down.  Change and adaptation is part of the game if you’re to succeed in this business. If digital marketing was easy, everyone would be making a great deal of money online.

Schedule blogging days on your calendar.  Content creation of this kind is easy, free and a great way to get started.


Remember, take baby steps to online success.   Frequently, new digital marketers want to advertise on Google immediately because it is the largest and most used search engine. The problem is that it is also the most expensive. There are more affordable venues to use while you’re still in learning mode.  Bing is one alternative.  You can also do placement ads on other websites at a significantly reduced cost.


It’s  time to create a website.  Make sure it includes your mission statement. This is your opportunity let the world know why you’re doing what you’re doing.  Be clear on how you’re providing value. Your website shows off your brand and it is your business.  Make sure that it shines.

Some marketers like to tackle creating their own websites.  There’s no need to overwhelm yourself with this kind of task when there are many other activities that you need to master to have a successful venture.

Hire a website designer who can create the branding you want and the optimization you’ll need.  If you want the world to find you, your domain will have to have all the bells and whistles of Search Engine Optimization.

I made the mistake initially of trying to design my own website and soon realized that it was taking too much time away from income producing activities. I hired an expert website designer through Fiverr.com and I outsource tasks that I do not need to master.


While someone else is creating your website, learn how to create and place digital ads and/or videos.  If you don’t already have a business Youtube channel, create one.  Describe clearly what your channel is about and keep it separate from your personal one.  You’re a professional and everything throughout your business should reflect that.

When you’re comfortable with some of these skills, you’ll want to create business accounts on the most frequently used social media platforms.

Don’t scatter yourself thin by using all of them. Choose 2 or 3 that resonate and post on them consistently.  Remember, baby steps.  Too often marketers feel that they have to be on all platforms.  The result of doing this is a lot of busy work and nothing to show for it.  Keep it simple and be consistent.


Have fun with your business.  Keep your website up to date. Show your market that you’re competitive and a serious business owner.  Through my affiliate business, Laptop Freedom Experts, I introduce people to an online education that provides a freedom lifestyle. My automated business works 24/7/365 and I have lots of free time to pursue other interests. I have loads of fun with my business and I feel good about my mission.

If you want to learn more about digital marketing, take a look here at some of the fun things that you can do with this type of business.  Your online venture does not have to be filled with intimidating tasks that are overwhelming.  Focus on mastering one skill at a time, prioritize and leave the hardest tasks to other experts.  Most importantly, hold on to a master and take baby steps to online success.

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