Do you know what the most effective tools are to attract success?  However you define success, and for everybody it’s different, I’m referring to the attitudes and approaches you must have to achieve your personal and professional goals.  You’re in complete charge of your prosperity.


1.  Let’s begin with the most important one:  your thoughts.  Do you know that what you think about you bring about?  This is what is called the Law of Attraction.  It is the focal point of the film produced by Rhonda Byrne, The Secret.


This universal and unwavering law does not discriminate.  As best described, your thoughts attract the things you focus your attention on.  So, if you think about prosperity, that is what you get.  If your thoughts are on shortage and not enough money, that’s what you’ll have.  If you don’t like something and think about it, you’ll get more of that, too.  Your thoughts are magnets.


Let me give you an example of how the Law works.  This morning I was driving home after my daily walk at the beach.  I always avoid taking one particular road.  For whatever reason, I don’t like that street. One day my husband was about to turn into it and became curious why I asked him to take the alternate route.  Without getting into details, I blurted something like “feng shui.”  This morning, to my surprise, the only other street to get me home was blocked off forcing me to go on the street that I don’t like.  I had been thinking about not wanting to go on the undesired road. Coincidence?  Let me give you more examples.


When I think I’m going to have a terrible time at an event, guess what?  If I’m looking for car dents before pulling out of a parking lot, there they are.  When I think about my aching muscles after a huge workout, I can hardly move the rest of the day.  If I always tell myself I’m tired, I’ll feel more tired all the time.  When I go to a restaurant and hope there are no unruly kids, they oblige.  Think about boarding a plane.  Have you ever thought “I hope there won’t be any babies crying for the whole flight?”  There they are!


This explanation, that like attracts like, also helped me to understand a scriptural passage that I struggled with for so long.  This teaching says that those who have will get more and those who don’t have will get more of that, too.  Put in a different way, the reason people are successful is because they think success thoughts.  It’s transparently clear to me.


So why not focus on what you want in your career and in your professional life?  Remember, thoughts create things.  You may be dealing with the most difficult client in your company.  Why not focus on the fact that you’re building resilience, learning new coping skills and that you’re building up a fantastic resume?   If you can overcome working for this demanding client, others will feel like a breeze.


While you wait for change, one that you’re actively participating in creating, think about all the successes you’ve had at work.  You may be reassigned to a new client.  You may be promoted.  You may get an offer from the competition.  The difficult client may go out of business.  You may come to the conclusion that you prefer to start your own business. Get the idea?


2.  Visualize the outcome you desire.  Quantum physics explains that our world is created when we observe something.  There are thousands of books on this subject today.


What this means is that until something is observed (thought about or looked at), that there are infinite possibilities for its outcome.  In other words, it is the observer who determines or creates his or her own reality.  So what kind of turnout do you want in your professional life?  What does your passion career look like?  Are you looking to have more freedom?  More money?  More inspirational people around you?  Do you want mobility?  The ability to live anywhere?  Do you want a profession that allows you to help others? or just have more fun?


If you want the ideal job, the ideal client, the ideal position, then keep that vision alive.  See it in your mind, feel it in your heart, think about it all the time.  You’ve heard of vision boards.  Create one.  Until it materializes, continue to take proactive steps toward your goal.  Put forth your best work, create a cooperative environment in your workplace, see yourself in your dram office, feel driving your new car,  imagine buying your dream house.


3.  What words are you using?  There are thousands of scientific, medical, parenting and managerial studies showing that words can affect performance, personality and health.


Have you considered the kind of words that you’re listening to all day?  What about the words you speak?   Tony Robbins is a master on this subject.  He understands that to succeed in any undertaking, we must choose our words carefully.  We can use words to lift other up, give hope, offer solutions and encouragement.   The words we speak affect our brain patterns, which we can recondition to change how we experience the world.  So repeatedly say to yourself and speak the words you want for your desired profession or life.


Equally important are words we should disregard and give no value.  You know the ones.  Many of these are heard in songs, expressed in programs, blurted in podcasts and spoken by your friends.  Is it a wonder why we have so much despair in young adults today.


Think of the people that you love most and ask yourself what kind of words are they using?  Are they drawing you closer to them or pushing you away?


4.  The company you keep.  Do you remember your parents telling you to pick your friends wisely?  This is one that makes me shudder a little because, growing up, I had the misconception that my mother was an exclusionary individual until I learned about vibrations.


Have you ever been around someone whose energy makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable and you can’t explain why?  The ancient spiritual masters have known for centuries, what scientists have only recently learned, that we are vibrational beings.  Vibrations attract like vibrations.  So if you’re vibrations are on a high frequency, stay tuned to that channel and you’ll attract others on the same frequency.  If you’re attracting bad company, it may be time to do a cleanup of your inner circle of friends.



5.  If you want to be a master, surround yourself with the experts   Who mentors you?  Who are you learning from?  What kind of person or people are they?  Have they proven themselves in their field?  Are they role models you want to emulate?


To keep your idea of success fueled, consider attending seminars, workshops or classes taught by master thinkers and experts in your field.  Success is a learned skill.  I used to think some people landed on this earth being lucky or with a silver spoon in their mouths.  Think about it.  Have you every known someone who was born with all the advantages in life, went to the right schools, landed the right jobs and is not manifesting their idea of success?  There have been many cases of some of the wealthiest and privileged people ending up on skid row.


You determine what success means for you.  Is success a passion career?  Is it living anywhere in the world?  Is it never having to worry about finances?  Is it having more time to have fun?  Is it going to the best schools?  Is it having a certain title?  Once you’ve defined success, hang around those people.  Feel it, envision it, own it.


I have come to the conclusion that success is a state of mind.


Here’s wishing you success in all that you do.



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