Roxana’s professional skills as a commodities trader, real estate broker and entrepreneur brought Laptop Freedom Experts to life. She speaks English, French and Spanish. Self taught in day trading, she understands trends and indicators that show consumer support or resistance for products and services.

She’s a visionary, humanitarian and motivational speaker. She wrote Agapanthus Rising, a book published in 2014 about personal empowerment. A self-proclaimed citizen of the world, Roxana has always been a people connecter and sees the planet as one small village. She meditates regularly, is an avid Ashtanga yoga practitioner and devours books on quantum physics.

She contributes to our community by teaching people how to lead lives of passion, peace and purpose.

“My mission is to help expansion-minded entrepreneurs create and build their dream lifestyles with an online business.”

Thank you for visiting.  I’m Roxana Bowgen, founder of Laptop Freedom Experts. The primary purpose of this site is to provide you with information about digital and affiliate marketing to see if this profession is right for you. This 6 minute video may answer many of your questions.

Are you working to create your dream or someone else’s? Do you want to have a fulfilling career that gives you more time to do the things you love? What is keeping you from them?

When I started, I knew very little about online marketing but with the educational training and support I received through the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) I was up and running in no time.


After graduating with a Master’s degree in International Business I traded in my personal interests for careers that paid well.  I love to travel, doing humanitarian work and helping people find their purpose in life. While I had great income trading commodities and later on brokering real estate, both required being tied to a geographical location and working with people whose values were on a different vibrational frequency than mine.

I felt a weight in my heart. I wondered if I could be doing something more meaningful while earning the income I was accustomed to or better.  I had been taught that through “hard” work I would have money and fulfillment. I had money, plenty of business experience and titles, so why wasn’t I happy? I realized that I had been living someone else’s definition of success and that I had traded time for money.

For me, it is the things that I don’t do that I always regret. I fast-forwarded my life to those last few minutes on this earth and I wondered what thoughts would cross my mind. Would it be: I wish I had spent more time at the office or worked harder for my bosses? Certainly not! It was then I decided to take charge of my destiny and create my ideal lifestyle.

Knowing without a doubt that the Universe provides everything we want if we focus on it, I began my online search for the perfect business model. I tried MLM and briefly returned to corporate America, soon to realize that, once again, I was working to make someone else’s dream a reality. I wanted desperately to be the creator of my own destiny and to feel that what I do on a daily basis makes a difference.  I should have listed to my inner voice reminding me that I’m best at influencing people.

While I continued my search for the perfect career that would give me the lifestyle I’ve always envisoned, I completed writing a book, Agapanthus Rising.  One of the pivotal points that I make is that we weren’t put on this earth to go to work every day, make money, procreate and die!  Clearly others were thinking and feeling the same thing because in 2014 my book was published in the United States and shortly thereafter it was picked up for publishing in Poland and Turkey!

As my book gained momentum abroad, I continued on the path in search of the ideal business model. I Googled and watched countless YouTube videos on brain power, mind expansion, manifestation and vibrational frequency. That is when I found Six Figure Mentors (SFM).

I couldn’t believe that I had found a community of like-minded professionals whose vision is consistent with mine.  I learn new skills daily as I grow a business that I operate from anywhere in the world.  All of us in our digital community live life on our own terms. Each one of us owns a business that reflects our personalities and suits our personal interests. We are comprised of former investment bankers, accountants, medical professionals, marathon runners, financial consultants, attorneys, authors, film producers, actors, real estate brokers and countless other professions.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to escape the 9 – 5 business model as well as be inspired by others who operate on a higher frequency, join us.  Better yet, sign up for any of the free online training videos, marketing tools and digital reports through the links on the opening page.

Join the masters of this industry, whose mission is to provide value in everything that we do.  E-commerce is here to stay and automation will replace countless traditional jobs in the next decade.  We are forward thinkers, leading edge masters, movers and shakers but our first and foremost mission is to put others’ needs before ours.  When we give, we receive.  It’s a Universal law.

I have aligned myself with an educational and supportive community of value-oriented entrepreneurs.  Together we are creating the lives we want. I now have more time to be with those I love, spend time as I wish, work on writing a second book, perfect my Ashtanga yoga practice, meditate and travel more.  In the process I help people create and build their dream lifestyles, too, and I’m loving every second!


As members and marketing affiliates, we work with the SFM and use their training platforms to teach people how to become mobile digital entrepreneurs.  When you join the SFM you get access to tools to grow your business, as well as extensive internet marketing training and ongoing support. The training shows you how to market anything globally. You can promote or build your own product, idea or service but, if you don’t have one, you can promote the products and services of the SFM as an affiliate and earn by selling high valued products. You can earn while you learn.


No man is an island. We are successful by standing on the shoulders of others.  To say that our influencers are qualified lifestyle experts is an understatement.  Below are snippets of their bios that you probably won’t read about on their professional resumes.




Personal Development & Wellness

With a Master’s degree from Brown University and an Undergraduate from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown, Philippe turned down Harvard and the conventional career route to live life on his own terms. He trekked in the back- country through Thailand at the age of 16 where local residents touched his skin and blue eyes to believe what they saw. Philippe speaks English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

When not on stage, modeling or filming, you can find him at the nearest fitness club, juice bar or voicing his opinion on social media. He’s featured in Equinox videos across the country as an exemplary model of fitness, boasting 3% body fat! He’s a masterful writer and has several works published. When it comes to health and wellness, he keeps us on track.

He contributes to community by keeping us focused on our dreams through determination and single-mindedness.


Marketing & Logistics

After a career in the British Merchant Navy, Roger left his seafaring days for the corporate world where, until today, he continues to move commodities around the world. He has a keen understanding of international markets having travelled extensively across the globe.

He works out with a personal trainer several times a week and is extremely fit. To say that he’s a nature conservationist is an understatement. He loves being outdoors, gardening and rescuing animals. His patient repertoire includes dogs, raccoons, skunks, hawks, turkeys, seagulls, snakes, turtles and many others.

With his calm demeanor and can-do attitude, he contributes to our community with great insight into human behavior. It helps us to better serve the needs of our markets.


Business Development, Strategy & Analytics

JP graduated from Northwestern University’s College of Education and Social Policy. As a gen Y business executive today, his focus is always on the well being of the whole vs. the individual, a huge asset when it comes to serving the needs of our global subscribers. He understands international markets and is a social media expert. He has basic reading, writing and speaking of Arabic and spent time in Egypt as an intern. He’s a leader in the community raising funds and awareness for valuable causes.

Despite demands in his corporate trajectory as an Analyst and Business Development Strategist, he always keeps site of his personal interests. He loves fitness, adventures and travel. Besides cross-fit training, he’s a Master Diver and holds several certifications. He has sky and water-dived in shark-infested waters in Bali, Tahiti, New Zealand, Belize and throughout the Caribbean.

He contributes to our community by reminding us to lead well-balanced lives.


Professional Standards

With a JD law degree and extensive experience in compliancy and governance, Erik sets the bar high when it comes to business performance and professional standards.

Besides his involvement in numerous causes for advancing social rights, he’s an avid rower, long time member of a rowing club and is a fitness buff.  On any given day you may find him in the waters off Long Island sound wielding his oars alone or with a crew.

Erik contributes to our community by being a model on how to conduct ones’ self in business and maintain high business practices.

*DISCLAIMER – We cannot guarantee any results with the help of our training and business systems. All the products and services we provide are for educational and information purposes only. There are those who will not earn money with our products and services. Individual results will vary greatly from person to person according to work ethic, effort, determination, and ability to follow directions.