Crushing life doesn’t mean wrestling it to the ground. It’s quite the opposite. When you’re aligned, life flows. It’s like riding the top of a wave and letting it carry you through to its unfolding. Doors open, your timing is perfect and everything is effortless. Fighting or struggling is unnecessary.  People who surf through life are well positioned, balanced and they have these 8 traits for crushing it at life in common.




This is the simplest yet most overlooked requirement for succeeding at just about anything. When contemplating a new business, this is the first place you’d start. So why should it be any different for your life?


Your mission defines your objectives. Having a purpose gives meaning to your existence. It’s no wonder that some people who lose their jobs or recent empty nesters seem lost. Their reason for being has been taken away. It’s the ones who get up and dust themselves off quickly that win the game.


Why are people like Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor, Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk and so many others at the top of their game? They’ve defined their mission clearly and little deters them from achieving it.




While your mission is your purpose, your vision is your desired future. It’s the road map to get you there. Your vision is fueled by an undeniable passion, a reason, a purpose that only you can feel. The happiest people know why they do what they do. Leaders operate from a place of inspiration, the sweetest place on earth.


Vision gives you focus and it keeps you from useless distractions. We should avoid getting sidetrack on meaningless activities that don’t contribute to our mission.


If you want to “nail” life, write down your mission and vision and put it where you’ll see it and be reminded of them every day.




Focus is an unyielding determination to accomplish what you set out to do. Think of a lazer beam. Why is it so powerful? It produces an intense and narrow beam of light. To live your dreams, put on blinders and be equally strong.




In this noise filled online world that keeps us from personal contact with people, or takes time away for reflection or caring for others, discipline is needed more than ever. Discipline is our private methodology to accomplish something.  It takes repeated practice and training to make something easy.  It’s no different with learning discipline.  I compare it to muscle memory in my Ashtanga yoga practice.  There’s a sequence to the postures that we must practice over and over again.  After a time, we don’t think about them, we just do them.


It helps to have a regimen or a log each day outlining the tasks you want to achieve. It doesn’t have to be long or detailed. A bulleted list is good and avoid over scheduling.


Don’t be too tough on yourself when you can’t stick to your plan. Life happens. Kids may need you. Your pet may fall ill. You may get a flat tire. The boss may want you to attend a meeting, whatever. Go easy and just ride the top of the wave. When you can’t meet what you set out to do, be happy with what you’ve accomplished thus far.


Be clear on the difference between business and productivity. I know a lot of people who have no time for anything yet accomplish very little. It’s better to do one thing really well than ten incomplete or meaningless ones.




When I look at great thinkers like Esther (Abraham) Hicks or Bob Proctor, they have one thing in common. Very little seems to agitate them and they maintain equilibrium under all kinds of circumstances. This doesn’t mean they don’t get flustered but they’ve learned not to react.


Those crushing life are in charge of their attitudes. They perceive setbacks or attacks as challenges and growing opportunities. They use the road blocks as stepping stones to go even higher. Life never happens to them. They make it happen. They create their own circumstances.


Charles Swindoll best explains how to achieve calmness. “The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. … The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude … I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me, and 90% how I react to it.”




Happy people are unaffected by what others think. “Remaining unswayed by what other people assert” is an ancient teaching.  Success thinkers are not special. They merely listen to their inner voice and drown others out.


To crush it at life, hang around the Masters. Keeping like-minded company strengthens our convictions. Tony Robbins wouldn’t have the empire he has had he listened to people ridiculing him. I venture to say he spends time with other success-thinking individuals.




Masters never compare themselves to others. They march to the beat of their own drum, which is why they sometimes get into trouble, particularly when they go against the establishment. Risk, however, seldom deters their questioning of authority or the status quo.


Winners at life rarely think in terms of gaining or losing something. They go with the flow and with their intuition. They’re typically unconcerned about being vulnerable. The waves of life don’t seem to throw them off the board because they’re so focused on realizing their dreams. It’s what makes them so different.


Uniqueness is what makes these individuals so attractive. Think of someone that appeals to you or inspires you. What makes them stand out in your mind?   I venture to say you’re attracted to them because they’re unlike anyone else. They’re one of a kind.


Life crushers are not afraid to be themselves even when people dismiss them as being weird or different. In fact, this characteristic is what makes them so magnetic.


Unique individuals fear or reject being average.  It’s one of the reasons they’re impassioned about growing and are continuously learning.




Success thinking requires equilibrium. I was raised in a one sided thinking household: good or bad, right or wrong and it’s taken me a lifetime to erase these polar beliefs. What may be right in one situation may not be right in another. And, by the way, who is to say something is “right?” Who gives another person the authority to judge?


Having balance means placing little or no value on something. It’s the ying and the yang in Chinese philosophy. It’s two sides of the same coin. When we operate from this point of view, we can’t be crushed when waves come.


Scaling the balances requires not placing too much weight on either side. There’s little benefit to working out if you’re not eating healthily. While having money is fun, using debt to buy things may not be the smartest option. Mental over-stimulation without calming the mind can be disastrous. Meditation helps with this. Great achievers take time for reflection and lead balanced lives.


They key is to know when we’re out of balance and to do something about it.  If you want to be happy, model the Masters and mirror these 8 traits for crushing it at life. You can begin right here.


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