I’ve been a student of business and spiritual masters all my life.  In every case, I note that each one has a mission, a clear vision of what they want and they don’t give up until they get it.

1. Masters have a lazer-like focus


I’m a firm believer that thoughts manifest things.  Scientists have reluctantly conceded, to what Einstein knew back in 1915, that thoughts are vibrational energy.   What is a lazer?  As defined in the online free dictionary:  it is a beam of light (light is energy) that can produce or amplify optical radiation primarily by the process of controlled stimulated emission.


Let us consider what some of these keywords imply:


Radiation – produces a change (in the molecular structure of something)

Light – when we have an idea “the light goes on”

Controlled – masters rely on an inner circle for quality control and ensured outcome

Stimulated – masters surround themselves with like-minded people to move their idea forward

Emission – masters speak, act and conduct themselves like winners


I’ve read several biographies on the world’s most successful people.  Steve Jobs was known to be a taskmaster and fire abruptly employees who were not “on board” with his ideas.  Many didn’t like his leadership style because he demanded and expected a lot.  But look at what he accomplished.  He changed the way our world operates today.


Many of those closest to him couldn’t handle his energy but without it our world would be completely different.  He demanded a lot, expected a lot and got a lot.  To his credit, nearly every person on this planet today either owns, has access to or has heard about some sort of Apple product – whether it’s a desktop, a laptop, an Ipad, Ipod or Iphone.  And, if we’re being honest, those who don’t own some IOS based gadget are probably using a product whose technology and design is derived from his ideas.



2 . Masters are driven by the desire to help


The humanitarian world is comprised of individuals who always want to help others.  Is it because it’s in their nature?  Is it how they’re wired?  Why is it that it’s rare to find this kind of person in the corporate arena?  Do they even exist?  The answer is yes but they walk a lonely path.  I propose that given their environment they don’t want to stand out in the workplace.


The worlds that I come from, commodities trading and real estate brokering, are “dog eat dog.”  The assumption is that if you’re going to survive, let alone thrive, you have to be “cut throat” competitive.  In that environment it is unlikely that you will be promoted or make top salaries if you spend your days helping others.  But it does not have to be that way.  Look at Gandhi, a service-oriented and humble lawyer who bucked the legal and political systems.  He spent his time lifting others up and in the process toppled the British Empire to create the nation of India!


3.  Masters have a business plan


Do you have a clear method or steps you’re going to take to achieve your goal?  This could be in the form of a business plan or some written mechanism by which you’re going to operate for maximum efficiency.  When you have this, you can track your steps, progress and succeed.  My spouse says  “you can only see how far you are when you look back and see where you started!”


4.  Masters are organized  


It always intrigued me to watch colleagues arrive at the office with absolutely no plans for their day.  If you don’t have a guidance system, how do you know where you’re going?  It’s easy to let the day go by and show nothing for it.  If you asked them how their day went, most likely they would answer it was very busy.  But were they productive?


A daily planner of some sort is a road map that helps you get to your destination.  If you have no end point, you won’t arrive anywhere in particular.  If organization is not your strong point, find someone to help.  Get a friend, colleague or someone in your digital community to help you be accountable for your time. You will see far better results.


5.  Masters do income producing activities every day


You are in business to make money.  What income producing activities are you doing every day to produce the income you want?


What does your profession require of you?  Should you be placing ads?  Would writing a blog produce the best results?  Is participating on Instagram the best activity you could be focused on?  Is the most productive activity for you today attending open houses? Or could you be on the phone with a former client?


Networking events are very good in generating new leads.  Hosting seminars, webinars or workshops also open up potential business.  When did you last send out an Enewsletter or write a blog?  Consistency is the key to good results.


Could you be reviewing how many hits you’re getting on your site?  For that matter, have you recently checked your links to make sure they work and information for accuracy and currency?



6.  Masters focus on closing one task at a time


I accomplish tasks better when I close my circles.  Have you ever had this experience?  You’re talking with a service professional and suddenly they start addressing the needs of a new person who walks up before they finish with you?  Not only is it rude but it’s counterproductive.  You’re probably going to come away with a less than warm and positive feeling about your experience.  Unless you have an automated system, it is nearly impossible to address efficiently the needs of everyone at the same time .


I try to set realistic expectations for myself every day.  This way I don’t get discouraged or disoriented.  When I put too much on my calendar I’m frustrated.


The biggest challenge for today’s entrepreneur, who works on a computer most of the day, is to get distracted.  Have you ever found yourself texting someone or Googling something unrelated to your goal?  What about checking personal emails or online shopping?  Have you taken a phone call that you could have delayed or avoided?  Try as best as possible to focus on completing one task at a time.  Start with smaller ones so you get a sense of accomplishment.


7.  Masters surround themselves with like-minded individuals


The hardest thing about being a sole owner entrepreneur is working alone.  Whether or not your business operates by your efforts alone, it’s important to join a supportive community.  It may take a little while to find the right one but it’s worth persisting to find a group whose frequency resonates with yours.


You will benefit from workshops and leadership forums.  If you can’t attend, see about participating in online live workshops.  You will learn how these movers and shakers have “mastered” their professions.


With my laptop I have the mobility to mastermind daily with the experts in my field from anywhere in the world.  What I love best is the nearly fully automation of the system which provides me with time to have fun and do the things I love most.  I continue to grow exponentially and learn from professionals who have chosen to leave unfulfilling careers.  What these experts and I have in common is the understanding that ecommerce is the way most business will be conducted in near future.


I live a laptop freedom lifestyle.  I have my passion career and I love to help others build their dream lifestyles too.   If you’d like to learn more on how to create a lifestyle of your own design, take a look at this video or click any of the links on this page.


Wishing you success in all that you seek!








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