Digital marketing continues to be one of the fastest growing professions.  As more jobs become automated and traditional careers fade, thousands of people are looking to alternative vocations that will provide them with more time freedom and a better quality of life.  Let’s face it, the digital economy is here to stay.


If you’re thinking of switching careers, or just getting started, you’re smart to get ahead of the wave.  Here are seven great reasons why you’ll love (like I do) being a digital marketer.




I believe that there’s nothing more hurtful to the human psyche than the perceived feeling that one is “owned” by someone else.  Corporate America today, in my opinion, is a nice disguise for indentured slavery, particularly if you work in the financial markets.


Take my son, for example, he graduated last year from a tier one university and quickly landed a job.  He’s a financial analyst for a branding company, makes a good salary and has great benefits.  The catch is that he has little time outside of work.  It’s not uncommon for him to get home at 2 or 3 in the morning.  When he’s had a particularly difficult week he spends the weekend sleeping.  So why does he put up with this?  If he doesn’t there’s a long list of people waiting to take his spot.


Some years ago my husband was the head of the petrochemicals logistics department at a large trading firm.  He was then, and continues to be, the industry expert when it comes to moving very specialized products.  We worked in the same company.  We met, fell in love and you know the rest.


Two weeks before our wedding, and a month shy of his 10-year tenure, the company “suddenly” decided to reorganize his department and made him redundant.  Management, all the way up to the top, knew us very well and were aware of our impending marriage.  Despite this, he lost all his accrued benefits, shares, everything.  We turned to legal counsel who advised that we would spend years in legal fees trying to collect.  We decided to move on with our lives.


I’ve yet to hear of any entrepreneur firing him or herself to avoid paying what is rightfully theirs.




I love working at my own pace.  Although I’m very organized and follow a daily method of operation, which is absolutely essential as an entrepreneur, there are some days when I’m just not feeling right about doing a certain task.  As the sole owner of my business, I have the luxury of putting off something on my to do list or doubling up the next day.   Back to my son’s example, he’s always under deadlines.  In my opinion, that kind of environment does not foster quality work.


One of the things I love most about being a digital marketer is that I can be gently critical about my work.  If I’m dissatisfied with results, I can try again, I can leave it, I can postpone it.  Whatever the outcome, I answer only to myself.


Being your own boss means you don’t have to put up with someone else’s moods.  I remember one day, when I was still trading metals, when my boss was particularly ornery.  Foul language and belittling everyone in our department was his modus operandi.  On this particular morning it was worse than ever.  As he went around the room pointing out fault in everyone, out his mouth came out:  “you’re as useless as tits on a bull.”  No kidding.  That was the day I began planning my exit strategy.


As an entrepreneur I prioritize tasks as I best see fit.  I set the pace and quality of my work.  I create the business I want.




I’ve always been an early riser and I produce my best work early in the morning.  It makes sense, I guess, since at this early time I’ve not yet been inundated with the day’s demands.


I notice that today most professionals start work much later than they did just a decade ago.  I don’t know the explanation but, isn’t nice to know that if you want to “get to the office” by 10 am no one is going to complain or take notice?  Being able to start a workday on your clock, is especially nice when you’ve been out late the night before (entertaining clients, of course).  If you decide to work through lunch, dinner or well into the evening, you don’t need anyone’s approval. And, if you want to skip the afternoon so you can catch a live game, all the better!




I believe that our surroundings affect our productivity and performance.  A noxious environment, like the one I had to endure as a trader, is contagious.  So why not opt for a great environment?


I’ve set up my office space in the most light-filled room in the house with fabulous views of a nature preserve across the street.  On any given day I see foxes, hummingbirds, deer and even coyotes from two corner windows.  Having “a corner office” also allows me to see the colors of the vegetation changing as seasons go by.  It’s therapy for the soul.


If I feel like playing loud music or dancing to it around the room, no one is going to stop me.  Best of all, I can enjoy as many smoothies, cups of green tea or Turkish coffee as I wish!


And, what about the climate?   I’m referring to the temperature in the room.  Have you ever worked in an office where they forgot to turn off the heating system and it’s blasting while temperatures outside are in the high nineties?   This is what I call frying your brains.




Speaking of brains.  Your left brain is also known as your digital, reading and writing brain.  It analyzes.  Your right brain is responsible for your creativity.  As a digital marketer you’ll be continuously using both sides of your brain.  I love balance, don’t you?


Owning any business requires the ongoing analysis of your company’s overall performance, whether in its administration or the implementation of financial  goals.  Online marketing requires continuous analytics.  If an advertising campaign isn’t working it may be that your tracking mechanism is falling short.  More than likely, however, you may need to analyze the data in more detail.


The greatest responsibility of a digital marketer is to determine which campaigns are giving the best Click Through Rates, Leads and Conversions so you can determine which ones are most cost effective.  This requires ongoing and careful evaluations to decide which campaigns should be scaled up and which ones terminated.  If you’re advertising without analyzing, you’re vaporizing.  (I just came up with that one).


When I’m on information overload I love the ability to switch over to creative tasks and putting my right side of the brain to work.  Creating a video, slide show or designing a website helps me to relax.  In most traditional professions, one is relegated to one task and one task only which, for me, is exhausting besides being monotonous.




One of the greatest benefits of being a laptop entrepreneur is the ability to carry your office wherever you go.  No one needs to know that you’re working from a boat or hammock.  With an online business it doesn’t matter any way since most of your business will be automated.


I recently spent a month in France and loved the ability to continue business as usual with just a laptop.  Not many professions provide this kind of mobility.


My mentors, who are four of the most gifted, giving and successful professionals I have ever worked with, just returned from six weeks in the Philippines.  Their business continued as usual without skipping a beat.  If you’re the kind of person that prefers moving around, what other business can you think of that allows you this kind of flexibility?  There’s also minimal overhead expenses, such as rent, by being mobile.




In today’s fast paced world, the ability for one or both parents to stay home with children is priceless.  If you hire an au pair, you need to be clearing over $150K to make the exercise worthwhile especially taking into consideration new tax laws on employees working in your home.


There’s also an immeasurable cost involved when someone else raises your children.  They will be exposed to someone else’s worldview and values.  What will they be?


If you’re testing the waters, don’t tread.  Go ahead and dive in deeply.  I guarantee that you will love being a digital marketer.



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