I think there’s a misconception that when adults reach a certain age, they’re just too tired to learn something new. I beg to differ. There are millions of old dogs out there, like myself, ready, willing and able to learn new tricks. Some of the most exciting, energetic and inspiring people I know are considerably older than myself. They are remarkable role models, mentors, family members and friends, whose energies fuel me. Not that I don’t have my own supply to call upon and offer to others, but I find that surrounding myself around these inspirational “elders” makes me want to reach for even higher pinnacles.

Are you one of those individuals? Are you over 50 and ready to learn something new? Have you finished raising a family and feel like you’re just beginning your life? Are you full of ideas, enthusiasm and energy and excitedly thinking what next?


The most youthful and influential individuals I’ve known never let chronology get in the way of their achievements. We attribute better diets and more active lifestyles for keeping older baby boomers young but, I believe, the real credit goes to mindfulness; the ability to focus calmly on the present while not allowing external factors to throw us off balance.


The reality of today’s labor market is that most people who are over 50 are deemed expendable and invaluable, when the reality is quite the opposite. Unless they are the walking dead, this segment of the population has a lot to offer in the new economy. They are at the prime of life. They have gathered experience, wisdom and knowledge, which attributes contribute to the success of any community. Still, this age group is when many are downsized and forgotten.

Life experience is something that is undervalued in today’s work force. In our adolescense, young and early adult years our egos primarily drive our actions. At this stage, we tend to be more self-serving. If you’re an empty nester, you’ll know what I’m referring to. Remember your children’s self-absorbed teenage years?

The ability to work well with diversity comes with nurture, age, experience and maturity. When we have reached this point in our lives most of us have learned to be more considerate of others and accountable for our actions. Aren’t these the best traits for leaders and managers?


The point I’m trying to make is that just because we’re no longer in our twenties, thirties or forties, we still have a lot of energy and drive combined with life experience. For productivity, it doesn’t get better than that! This combination is why silver surfers are one of the fastest growing segments of the digital population. In fact, they are at an advantage over younger professionals who have less time to learn and grow an online business. They’ve discovered the advantages and created ideal lifestyles employing previous skill sets in the new digital economy.

“It is easy to see digital as a playground for the younger generation, therefore easily writing off those of pension age. Yet it is a foolish marketer who sees age groups as a statistic and not as a spectrum of individuals,” which brings me to my next point.

I believe that the most successful online marketers in the next decade will be the pension set. They have interpersonal and communication skills that the younger generation falls short on because they’ve grown up in front of a screen rather than in front of people. To generate a lead online takes skill. But, the greater skill is developing and maintaining a relationship with your “list” (whom the older generation would call clients) so they eventually become a loyal and repeat buyer. People buy from people they like and trust.


Imagine the impact you can make as an e-marketer when you combine your seasoned experience with the ability to reach millions on line. What do you still have left to do?  What message or product do you want to market?  Are you 50 and ready to learn something new?  What would you do with a digital life?

ROXANA BOWGEN, Digital Marketing Strategist      

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