You may be sneering at this title but please give me a chance to make my point. If you have kids, you’ve probably been focused on raising them and dealing with family issues for the last few years.  You may have traded a career in favor of being a stay at home parent. You may have been consumed the last couple of decades checking homework, bringing snacks to school, being a class mom or dad, attending hockey games, scheduling medical checkups, taking the kids to the orthodontist, joining PTA meetings, giving rides to the soccer, baseball and hockey teams, hosting or vetting play dates, making costumes, dealing with high fevers and sore throats, ear tube operations, emergency room visits, running to the arts & crafts store for last minute school projects, planning birthday parties, ensuring everyone is at the dinner table every night, mending broken hearts, paying tuitions. The list is endless.  These are the selfless years in one’s life when we have little time to focus on personal needs and interests. If you have no children, by this age you may be saturated with endless vacations, leisure activities of all sorts and may be wanting a more purposeful existence. Either way, I have great news. If you’re 50 you’re just getting started. Now is a perfect time to take on endeavors for personal growth.


If you’re professionally rusty and are past the hiring age, entrepreneurship is an attractive option.  According to the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, in 2012 people over 55 years old started almost one quarter of all new businesses. This is a perfect time to finally own the business of your dreams. By this stage in life, you’ve gained many skills such as time, people and financial management, which can transition well into a professional venture.

The best part of being a professional today is that you can be mobile, if that’s what you prefer.  But not all mobile businesses are the same. I know plenty of people who work remotely on a laptop without having to go into an office but they work for someone else.  They may not be tied to a desk or building but they’re tied to a boss or a company.  By the time we’re fifty, most of us want to live our dreams and not someone else’s.


When I turned 50 I got a new surge of energy and the desire to try new things especially ones that my peers said I couldn’t do such as publishing a book, standing on my head, doing back bends, parasailing, meditation and becoming a vegetarian.

Learning new skills has helped my concentration and memory.  For too long, time was a scarce commodity for me and by the end of a day I would collapse in bed with little energy to work on improving my focus and awareness.  Now, a day doesn’t go by without my taking the time for yoga and meditation. They’ve sharpened my absorption of new knowledge and retention. I recently taught myself web design and graphics, drone flying and day trading. I turn to great books and masters to teach me and I’m grateful for their immense contributions to the improvement of my mind, body and soul.  I’ve learned much about myself in the last decade. Most of all, I’ve had the time to explore my potential and I’m just beginning.


Humans tend to move in stages throughout life. By the time we’re done rearing children, our desires tend to focus more on introspective matters and the eternal aspects of our existence. If you’re looking for a purposeful next phase in your life, thanks to the power of the Internet, you can be entrepreneurial, have an amazing lifestyle and help countless people around the world. You don’t have to relinquish your worldly possessions, walk around with a begging bowl nor move to the Himalayas to help and influence millions.  Consider people like Louise L. Hay, Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, Esther Hicks and Eckhart Tolle. These self-development masters teach us that we get more by giving.  It doesn’t get better than that.

Imagine how many people you can influence with the book you may have always wanted to write or the venture you wanted to start.  With less pressing demands on you at this juncture in your life, now is the perfect time to publish and market your book or create your dream business.  Using the power of digital advertising, you can write, publish and market your book as well as help others along the way.


If you’ve put children through college, now that you’re finished writing college tuition checks, you can start spending some of that money on the things you’ve put off for so long. What are they?  Where would you go?  What would you do to keep mentally challenged, physically fit and personally evolving?  How can we help you get there? Write down the list of things left for you to explore.  My next venture is indoor skydiving. What’s yours?

If you still have more oceans to cross, more beaches to discover, more mountains to climb, more experiences to try, remember that you’re only 50 and just getting started.

Roxana Bowgen

Digital Marketing Strategist


Author, Agapanthus Rising

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