If you’re thinking of making a career change there has never been, in the history of professional development, a better time to make a move.  If you’re a millennial that is feeling unfulfilled in your job, regret your choice of profession or wish you had more time outside of work, below are 5 reasons why now is the perfect time for a career change. While career disenchantment seems more pronounced in your segment of the population, you’re not alone.  It resonates across all age groups.


Before you give notice, however, be careful not to jump from the frying pan into the fire.  Not all jobs are created equal.  I learned this the hard way.  After transitioning from a career trading commodities into brokering real estate, and trying other businesses along the way, I realized that not much had changed in the way I felt about my work.  While I made a lot of money, neither gave me what I wanted most: a sense of fulfillment, more time freedom and mobility.


You may be searching for your first career and the following reasons to take action now may apply to you as well.


There are more career choices today


There has never been an easier time for millennials to find great careers.  You use digital technology for your finances, social media and on-line shopping.  Applying for jobs, purchasing cars or getting degrees online are quite the norm for you.  But it wasn’t always that way.  Automated tools like email follow-up systems, digital calendars and video conferencing are a part of your generation as paper calendars and dialing phones are to baby-boomers.  You are far more comfortable on a computer than your counterpart was just one generation earlier.


You can research, create and grow any kind of business online.  For you, it’s easy to take online information for granted.  This is a luxury that was unavailable pre-internet.  Having access to global information has made it much easier to find rewarding careers and create amazing lifestyles.  Millions of people around the globe already have lives by their own design thanks to the touch of a screen.


When looking for a new career, you’re well aware that demand for real-time information is here to stay. Printed publications are obsolete.  They’re not only environmentally irresponsible but by the time they reach the consumer, the information is outdated.


Consumers today want instant access to everything.  Think of Amazon Prime.  They now offer a two-hour service for those who don’t want to wait overnight.  Since you and your market want immediate gratification, when considering your next career, think of one that is global, instant and socially responsible.


Indicators point to digital careers as being a smart move


You probably already have a job that keeps you in front of a screen most of the day.  You may also be very good at what you do.  But, if you’re reading this, something may be missing.  Since you’re already comfortable working online, it makes sense to consider an online career.  The great news is that you can design something that gives you meaning and purpose.  Digital marketing is personally rewarding when you believe and have conviction about the offers you’re making. Remember, not everyone in digital marketing sells coffee mugs just for the money.  I created my digital marketing business as a way to help people improve their lives through education.


There are 3 things you must have in order to succeed with an online digital business.  First and foremost, you need to offer a great product, idea or service.  Secondly, you need to drive traffic and connect with people, which as a millennial you already do.  Having the first two, you need automated systems that will help you to develop and maintain a relationship with your list, leads or clients.  This ensures repeat customers.  When you offer valuable information, people keep coming back and your business grows.


Business automation is growing faster by the day and traditional jobs are disappearing. The old economy is rapidly being replaced by the digital economy. Computers and machines are encroaching faster and faster into human jobs.  This is evident from movie theaters to toll booths to post offices.


Automated systems require generating, storing and processing data.  As a millennial that grew up with online technology, your transition into careers requiring these skills is much easier.  You are at a huge advantage over older populations who are not as familiar or as comfortable working digitally.  Connecting online with others is second nature to you and as a digital marketer, it is an essential skill to have. Doesn’t this sound like a perfect fit?


Financial rewards are up to you


You may already be making a good salary but you may be not feeling successful.  I hear this a lot.  Why is this?  According to Barry Maher, author of Filling the Glass, the Skeptics Guide to Positive Thinking, “If you can’t justify to yourself what you are doing with your life, if you aren’t working toward goals in which you honestly believe, then you will never be, by your own standards, successful.”


When someone else dictates your value through your compensation, you will never feel successful.  Whenever someone else reviews your performance, you are never in charge of your compensation.  They control your salary and your financial worthiness.  I can’t imagine anyone being happy in a job where someone else determines his or her value.


I love owning my own business.  I’m the only person who dictates my financial worthiness.  I decide the amount of salary I receive, how much money I reinvest in my business, when to pay myself or how much of a bonus I receive.


There is no ceiling limit to my compensation.  As an online marketer, my financial rewards are a reflection of my contributions to the public.  The more value I offer to the consumer, the more money I earn.  Businesses are successful when they offer valuable products and services.  This is an essential point to remember always.


As the sole owner of a digital marketing business my career is mobile, I control the expenses of the company, I have tax deductions and I don’t maintain any inventory.  Traditional business require real estate office space, typically have massive overhead, sometimes require warehousing, all of which eat into profits.  As the CFO and COO of my own business, I compensate myself as much as I want.


Fulfilling work


I’m a firm believer in good stewardship.  I feel terrific knowing that my career compensates me based on how much value I bring to others.  The greatest reward is in knowing that you’re making a positive impact on other people’s lives.  Market what you believe in and you’ll always be happy.


One of the best reasons to leave your career to create your own business is the feedback you receive. In traditional jobs you don’t always get feedback.  Sometimes you feel like you’re wandering aimlessly.  This is a complaint I hear often and one of the biggest reasons many millennial are unhappy in their careers.  It is frustrating to work in a job not knowing if you’re making a difference.


When you have a digital business, the reviews and feedback you receive are in the form of sales and repeat customers.  With automated systems in place you know exactly who is buying, when, how much and where.  If you’re offering value, which should be your only mission in any business, you will know by the number of returning and growing customers.  It’s nice to make sales, but the most personally rewarding ones, for me, are the repeat clients.  They’re an indication that you’re doing a great job.


Mindful work


You were not put on this earth simply to make money, although many business owners will tell you otherwise.  If you’re going to be successful in all aspects of life, you need to be mindful of your mental, physical and spiritual health.  Take time to take care of you mind, body and soul.


Does your current job make you feel stressed all the time?


Until you can leave your existing job for a new career or business, you can do small things to improve your work situation.  Get a massage during the workday.  Use your lunchtime or go after work.  Massages are essential in releasing important endorphins that soothe body and mind.  Besides the peaceful environment is a nice respite from a busy, stressful workplace.


Take 20 minutes to meditate.  I hear millennial say “I don’t have time.”  If you have time for lunch or time to go the bathroom during the day, then surely you have time to meditate — even if only for five or ten minutes.  Clearing your mind of thoughts is energizing, gives you focus and puts things into perspective.


Don’t underestimate the value of face-to-face conversation.  As much as I love my digital business, I make certain to take time every day to interact with people face to face.  There’s nothing more spiritually generating than connecting with others in the community.  It helps you to put into perspective your place and purpose in the world.  We’re not automatons.  We are living, breathing souls that require fresh air, sunlight and people in order to thrive.


Having offered these suggestions, I understand that it’s difficult to apply them in a traditional workplace.  All the more reason why you shouldn’t wait to make a change if you’re unhappy in your current situation.  Now is the perfect time for a career change in favor of owning a business that you can transition to easily, rewards you financially, is personally fulfilling and offers social value.


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