Have you reached a stage when you’re no longer excited about your profession?  Do you dread getting out of bed while it’s still dark outside?  Perhaps you’re sensing the writing on the wall about the future of your position?  Is the mood in your office somber because too many people are leaving?  Have you been passed up for promotions too many times?  Do you have little respect for your boss?  If any of these questions hit a nerve, this may be a good time to consider 25 reasons to quit your job now in favor of starting a digital business.

1.  Before you’re forced to quit

Do you know anyone who has been downsized?  All of us do.  It happened to me. I got fired for doing the right thing.  My values were inconsistent with the organization and, in my concern to keep people safe, I was fired.

My husband was downsized two weeks before we were to be married.  I had just resigned my position at the same company and management knew about our wedding plans.  Still, they chose the bottom line profit over taking care of someone who had worked 9-3/4 years for them, just a few months shy of vesting and receiving equity in the company.

Without any notice, warning or provocation, a good friend was recently fired from his job for no other reason than he’s no longer needed.  He has a legal case but the reality is that he needs to find work fast and he doesn’t have deep pockets to finance a law suit.  Working for someone else means your destiny is always in someone else’s control.

2.  Have more time

The greatest benefit of being an entrepreneur is you decide how to spend your time.  When personal things come up like twelve people descending on you for a few days at Thanksgiving you can put things on hold for a few days or work after everyone has gone to bed.  You control when and how long you work.

If that great opportunity for an Atlantic crossing between Isla Gran Canaria and St. Lucia on your sailboat finally comes up, no one can stop you! With a maritime satellite connection you can run your digital business from the middle of the ocean!

3.  Have more freedom

Talk about multi-tasking.  As the boss you can go anywhere and, so long as you have internet connection, you can still provide the highest level of service.  No one needs to know you’re on a boat, a plane or in the middle of the jungle.  Thousands around the world have left their desk jobs in favor of nomadic, adventurous income-producing lives thanks to laptop freedom. My mentors produced seven figures this year while travelling most of the time. This is the power of an online enterprise.

4.  Be your own boss

Have you ever had a fabulous idea and your boss stole it?  I was invited to a Manager’s meeting one day where all the regional VP’s presented business plans to increase profits within their offices.  When my manager was called, she made a fantastic presentation.  The problem was it was all my material; down to the charts and graphs I gave her without knowing she would use them to put a feather in her cap.  She never acknowledged my contribution even when the owner of the company lauded her for such a thorough and professional report. That’s when I handed in my resignation and determined never again to work so someone else can get the credit.

5.  Design the business you want

My passion lies in the field self-improvement.  What are your interests?  Imagine putting them to work.  As an online entrepreneur you’re compensated for marketing the things you love most.  I used to think that being serviceful meant going without financial rewards until I found digital marketing.  Now, as I did, I wake people up to the possibility of lifting others up while earning a living.  Here are just some ideas of what you can do with online marketing:

·      Aircraft brokering

·      Ship chartering

·      Commodities trading

·      Financial investing

·      Real estate

·      Importing

·      Branding

·      Product awareness

·      Education

·      Health and fitness

·      Nutrition advice

·      Lifestyle training

6.  Hire whom you choose

As the owner of your business, you’re the HR Department of your company.  When your business grows, and subcontracting services no longer serve your needs, you’ll want to hire staff.  By employing like-minded individuals you guarantee a harmonious and productive work environment; one that is not subject to backstabbing, gossipy co-workers, politics and subversion. You can offer internships, paid or volunteer, to aspiring college students, graduates or retired professionals.  It’s a winning combination.

7.  Sleep in, get up when you want to, not by the clock

I get up whenever my body says I’m ready.That can be anywhere from 6:30 am to 7:30 am.  Some days I don’t want to rush out of bed and I spend a few extra minutes thinking about all the things that I’m grateful for; choosing the time I get out of bed is one of them.

8.  Take a day off

Have you ever achieved something at work and wish you could spend the rest of the day celebrating it?  You can, if you own your own business. Rejoicing in your accomplishments is important.  It helps you to remember how far you’ve come and it’s a reassurance that if you’ve succeeded in one endeavor you can succeed at others. Small breaks are important for recharging.  When we change our routine we get new ideas, new inspiration and new energy.

9.  Subcontract the services you want

I like learning new skills. I learned how to day trade on line, computer graphics and online marketing, just to name a few.  But I don’t always have the time to learn everything I want to and keep my business running efficiently.  When my schedule is pressed, I hire services online.  As an employee, I wouldn’t have that luxury. I’ve used online companies like Fiverr to assist with website issues, content and graphics. I use Aweber for list building, an easy to use automated system that allows my business to work 24/7/365 so I don’t have to.

10.  Tax write offs

One of the many benefits of owning your business is the ability to write off many expenses on your income taxes. Everyone is in a different tax bracket based on their income, number of dependents, geographical location, business expenses, type of business, just to name a few.  So, I always recommend that you consult the IRS or a tax expert before starting your business.  It will help you to plan accordingly.  A professional will also give you information on the advantages and disadvantages of incorporation, partnerships and other legal entities.  Their services are part of your cost of doing business and deductible.

11.  Balanced lifestyle

We were not put on this earth to work, make money, and die.  Our nature is to be balanced individuals and to be in harmony with the Universe.  When we’re feeling off balance, we can get back into equilibrium by spending time outdoors, eating fresh, healthy foods and soaking up some sun rays.  An automated business gives you more freedom to balance your life and spend time on things like contemplation, which is important for the nourishing of your soul.  Making an impact on the world is hard to do when you’re commuting on a train to Wall Street or working for a Fortune 500 company 18 hours a day.

12.  No restrictions on the direction to take your business

One of the most exciting aspects of this business is the ability to change, add or redirect my efforts as the market changes.  This is much harder to do with a brick and mortar concern that requires thousands of dollars in capital investments.  If you’re a boat yard building yachts you cannot produce airplanes overnight. Not so with online marketing. You can be an affiliate for Tony Robbins seminars one day and broker space travel the next.

13.  Meet amazing people

With all the free time on your hands, you’ll probably be globetrotting like my mentors and countless freedom seekers around the world. Wouldn’t it be great to finally spend time with people who inspire you?  My teachers check in once a week for live seminars, spend a couple of hours a day tweaking their businesses and lead international forums in places like Brisbane and London.  The rest of the time they’re exploring new places and making new friends.

14.  Adventure

I love being in the company of people I’ve just met.  They offer new perspectives.  I’ve always found that travel helps to bring down barriers.  When we share our experiences with others, we open up our hearts and minds to all kinds of new possibilities. Receptivity is half of the equation towards growth and self-development. The second part is putting thoughts into action. Whether you’re starting a new life of adventure, retiring or taking a sabbatical, meeting people from other walks of life will expand your horizons.

15.  More excitement and life in your years

It’s not the number of years that make your life but the kind of life you have in your years.  How are you living it?  Do you exist to satisfy others?  While that’s to be commended, you need to make yourself happy first before you can help others.  While I don’t condone being thrill and excitement junkies, these are important to make us feel alive.  New experiences keep us youthful and ever growing.  The most exciting people I know are never stagnant.  They push their limits and are open to trying new experiences. Their seeking nature makes them attractive and appealing. Who would you rather spend time with, someone who is predictable and has had the same career, routine and lifestyle for the past 30 years or someone who is ever new and constantly on adventure?  Better said, which of the two would you rather be?

16.  Be a role model… if I can do it…

I once heard someone say that the only book someone may read today is you. Wow. That made an impact on me.  Outside of work, a lot of people don’t have the luxury of time to read. If someone looks at you, do they see someone they would emulate?  Has someone ever told you they want to be you or have the life you have? What a huge compliment that is.  The ability to try new things and to adapt in all situations is one of the greatest lessons that we can teach others.

17.  No business suit

Did I mention you would never have to wear a business suit to your office again?  You may have to pull out your tux, however, because with the time freedom your business allows, you’ll be partying a lot.  If you live in colder climates you may find yourself working in yoga pants and a cashmere sweater.  If you live in more tropical climates, your bikini will do.

18.  No dealing with other’s moods

Spending time with negative people will affect your mood, which affects your health.  A Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde boss or co-worker wreaks havoc on your well- being.  Not all workplaces have employees with good dispositions.  I’ve always preferred to be a lone wolf.  Don’t get me wrong. I love the company of people, but they have to be the right people; those whose company I choose because we’re like-minded, openhearted, progressive and evolutionary.  I love my internet marketing business for this reason. I get to choose the type of community I want to be a part of.  I pick my inner circle.

19.  Time for personal growth

If you have existential, ethereal or evolutionary leanings like I do, you understand the importance of private and quiet time.  This isn’t always possible in a corporate job. When our son calls during his workday, I know he’s having an introspective, aha, or inspirational moment.  More often than not I know he’s calling from a hallway or a corner of the office, maybe even the men’s room.  When I have an epiphany, I can shout out with excitement.  There’s no one I have to hide from and I can share my idea with my digital community! We’re a supportive group of professionals always ready to lend a hand or “come out” during a live session to offer our insight.

20.  Healthier lifestyle

We now know the importance of sunlight and spending time outdoors to maintain good health. Connecting with nature reduces stress as well as it sets a peaceful tone to our workday.  Everyone can take a few minutes during the day to soak up a few sensible sun rays of Vitamin D that our bodies need for healthy bones, muscles and cellular development.  If I had one trait to identify that is common to all digital entrepreneurs, it would have to be their craving for the outdoors.  Perhaps this is why most of them are happy individuals. I also note that most of them make fitness and health part of their lifestyle.

21.  No commuting

The best part of owning your business is that your commute is as far as the number of steps to your computer.  For some who can’t part with their laptops, they may not even need to get out of bed before starting their workday.  Imagine no more unproductive business trips, no more hassles at the airport, no more lost luggage and no more disrobing at security lines.  You can host meetings remotely.  I love Zoom, Go to Meeting and other video conferencing programs.  They have made business travel nearly obsolete.

22.  Office with a view

I’ve designated a corner room as my office. With windows on two sides I have treetop views and a nature preserve across the street. I see fox, deer, squirrels, hummingbirds, cardinals, doves, robins, coyotes, rabbits and woodpeckers constantly. They are a peaceful backdrop to my office.

23.  No bricks and mortar

Having no bricks and mortar for an office means there are no real estate expenses such as rent and upkeep.  In most states in North America, you can deduct part of your home office on your income tax return as a business expense.  Working from home also means lower overhead costs.

24.  You determine your income

There’s no ceiling to your income although there’s also no guarantee.  The outcome is solely dependent on your investment of time, energy and money.  Your attitude, preparedness and perseverance are major factors in the growth of your business.  No one scrutinizes your work or gives you a salary review.  You determine how much you earn.  Imagine finally being the creator of your own destiny.  The thought alone is empowering!

25.  Make travel a lifestyle

Take as many holidays as you wish. This is what many of my counterparts do without skipping a beat in their businesses.  Where would you go and where would you start?  Find your roots, discover where you ancestors lived.  Take a luxury train across Europe. Go on a river cruise. You can do them all while your business continues to grow.

Have I given you enough reasons to consider quitting your job in favor of starting a digital business?  Start planning your exit strategy. If you’ve read this far, you’re ready.  What are you waiting for?  Let us know how we can help.


Roxana Bowgen

Online Marketing Strategist


Author, Agapanthus Rising 

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