When I was a young adult, I wasn’t ready to appreciate Universal truths, you know, those ideals that you can’t buy with money.  Being a product of my time, I’d fallen prey to a thought template that says a good education and landing a well paying job is the only way to succeed. Many years and lessons later, I’ve come to know better. While financial security is part of success, for me, it also includes family, love, joy, health, happiness, peace, compassion and spending time as I wish.  In moments when I fall prey to the old thinking pattern, I remind myself of 25 affirmations for success.

We need to understand first that everything in the Universe is energy. Energy can never be destroyed, only reconfigured. Einstein proved that with his formula:  E = mc2.  If we are energy and if the Universe is still expanding, logic dictates that there’s no finish line and no limitation. If we cannot be destroyed and if the Universe continues to grow, then we keep evolving, albeit, in different forms.

When we accept this reality, we recognize the futility of jealousy, hatred, fear, avarice, competition, bigotry, pettiness, greed, war and so many of the things that keep us from living as a harmonious global community; one that shares its assets and its knowledge for the good of all.  No matter, we will all eventually come to this conclusion when we’re ready and to the understanding that there is enough for all. Until then, and to help us on our journey of self-discovery and evolution, we need to empower ourselves.

Here are some life-changing affirmations that I’ve learned from scientific and spiritual masters. Google defines an affirmation as anything that we say or think to give us emotional support or encouragement. These positive internal dialogs open doors to experiencing life in expansive, evolutionary and fulfilling ways.

Try these 25 affirmations for success:

  1. I am Source energy
  2. This is an attraction and love-based Universe
  3. In all that I think, say and do, I am one with the Universe
  4. When I align with the Universe I get everything I want
  5. No one and No thing controls me
  6. I am in charge of my thoughts
  7. Through my thoughts I create my own destiny
  8. I have succeeded in the past, I will succeed in the future
  9. I am ready, willing and able to learn and try new experiences.
  10. There are no “problems” only lessons. I’m grateful for them because they help me to define what I do want.
  11. I’m eager to learn new lessons
  12. I surround myself around great masters and thinkers
  13. I am cognizant that the Universe is always working in my favor and things are always working out for me
  14. I continuously attract great and good things
  15. Today I’m especially thankful for ____________
  16. I’m excited and enthusiastic about life
  17. I love to laugh
  18. I’m grateful for peaceful, quiet moments
  19. I see Source within every person and every thing I come into contact with
  20. I will do something for someone today knowing they can never repay me
  21. I am an eternal being
  22. I am a cosmic traveler
  23. I am a leading edge thinker
  24. I am a deliberate creator
  25. I envision the future and it is awesome!

Are you an evolutionary thinker?

When we realize that our thoughts turn to things and when we cast away “lack” and “scarcity” thinking, we grow by leaps and bounds.  This is why affirmations are so important.  They imprint the story that we tell ourselves and the reality that we create.  If you want an amazing life or a more fulfilling career, retrain your thoughts by practicing the 25 affirmations for success.  And, remember, always surround yourself with like-minded individuals.

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